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  1. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't read that:)
  2. I'm not sure I understand that reply, maybe my question got mixed up with the question about baby pigs?

    Baby villagers growing up is one concern which it sounds like is covered, but my question is about adult villagers going into "love mode" and breeding more villagers (provided enough doors, etc). It says that entities *in* love mode always remain active, but that implies to me that adult villagers more than 10 blocks away who are not already in love mode still cannot go into love mode because they're not activated. That would be of concern to a villager breeding operation, which does not normally require the player to be present (unlike with animals that need feeding).
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  3. He was still answering your question, cause the ticks lived keep being tracked of, so when mojang coded the villagers so they would breed on a certain amount of ticks, they still would.
  4. It's an answer of unsurity... Id have to study the villagers to find out really..

    Or someone could watch villagers from > 32 and see if they breed :)

    Regardless, entities tick at 1/20 rate when inactive, so they will still breed, but slowly.
  5. I can tell you guys from experience that my AFK account, which is sometimes on for 12+ hours, is out of the villager activation range, and they didnt breed.
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  6. Glad I saw this thread; it reminded me of a question I've been meaning to ask:

    First, from JackBiggin's post above quoting the EAR:
    "Only the X and Z axis' are checked, there is no Y axis check (meaning mobs above and below you are affected by this)

    Note: Vanilla also has similar logic as this for monsters at 32 distance. So movement logic for monsters is essentially unaffected. However, Vanilla's logic also includes a Y distance. This Vanilla logic is planned to be removed so natural spawn grinders will function better."

    I was thinking of making a rather large overworld grinder with platforms edged by trapdoors; I'd like to confirm that, if I made one 150 blocks tall, and waited at the bottom, the mobs that spawned up top would indeed *not* move, rendering my method ineffective?

    If I'm correct in my interpretation of the above quote, this also means I could counter this by making a giant spiraling minecart track around it so I could ride while waiting (and put hoppers at the bottom) to maximize spawning and falling?

    Or, as in the Note, has the vanilla logic been removed?

    Essentially my question is: would a natural-spawn grinder with trapdoors currently be effective 150 blocks high while waiting at the bottom?

    Thanks in advance!
  7. If you are using pressure plates: it shouldn't matter whether they move on their own - Because the pistons do that for them
  8. Gaah, edited -- I meant trapdoors! :oops:
  9. Ok, I can't remember how this exactly works currently. Keep in mind that a disadvantage to a minecart track is that you still need to be so far away for mobs to spawn,
  10. Yep, OK! Thanks ... I'll think of something! I want gunpowder! Fireworks are... the bomb. :D
  11. My experience sofar with villagers. the dont do much if your to far away. includeing love. But hard to see from distance.
    But it seems the start to get more active when your getting closer.
  12. Had a funny feeling the forum was going to escalate, nevertheless I'm not having problems.
  13. You bumped an old thead >.<
  14. At last! I found the post that explains my painful time with chicken farms. Right now my full auto chicken farm, needs me to stand about 6 blocks from it for them to lay eggs. Are you saying if I somehow add some water for the egg layers, they will work like normal? Any other ideas for keeping them activated?

    Also, I can't seem to keep multiple iron farms activated. I have them as close as villages will allow (just under 80 blocks) and I can't stand on middle one and have 2 outside ones still loaded. Seems like you took the range down from the standard 10 chunks to... 6? Any tips? With your current setup, I'd have to start stacking them into the sky and stand between 2 and I could never have the old 3 by 3 layout working:


    M = me.
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  15. Score! Adding water to chicken farm fixed all the egg problems. They lay eggs at full range. Does it work for Iron farms also? is that why I see villagers floating pretty often?
  16. Villagers do not require to be in water as it does not make a difference. Vanilla minecraft restricts mob movement, even in water depending on how far it is from unloaded chunks.
  17. Well, from my testing, EMC is set to 8 chunk render distance, which should give a range of 128 blocks around me loaded. It seems strange that my villagers can't produce golems at 80 blocks.
  18. This update makes my nerd senses tingle. Pretty cool stuff you're doing here, but you know that already.

    Would you be able to update when/if Spigot picks up your changes to put in their official updates?
  19. This update is a year old
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