EMC Development Status Update - 3/26/14

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  1. Hello all,
    Since it's been quiet figured I would give a status update on where things are development wise.

    Based on the feedback thread we did recently, we decided it would be good to further extend the "play your way" idea, and introduce a player controlled difficulty level, allowing players to opt in/out of the custom monster experience.

    It was a good thing this came, as implementing Part 2 of Dragon Tombs is better to have this concept of varying difficulties in place BEFORE it was implemented, so that it can be designed around the concept.

    However, this update has been taking a lot longer than I anticipated. One because of RL/Personal time eating up more of my development time, and two, I want to make sure this is "right" out of the door.

    But, this change essentially re-designs the entire Minecraft Survival Experience (for those who opt-in!, 5 will be the same as today, and 1 will be easier and pretty much vanilla "Easy mode" experience)

    We will likely need tweaks after it is released, but I am trying to ensure it is great out the door.

    Once this is done, we will resume back to Part 2 of Dragon Tombs, then Part 3 following there after :)

    Sometime around part 2 and 3, we are looking to slip in a nice new update that many have wanted.... Cross server tells!

    Then, looking forward, once part 4 of DT is done (the actual event), we are planning to return to the Groups system, and further expand it with more features, more perks and more.

    Thats all for now, have fun everyone!
  2. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Aikar!
  3. Interesting, thanks for the update Aikar, it sounds great! :D
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  4. Thanks for the update can't wait till there done! :D
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  5. Do parts 1-5 refer back to an earlier update thread? If so, can it be linked?

    Thanks for the update. Play your way is going to be nice for those of us who want to concentrate just on building and cross server tells will definitely help us all keep in touch.
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  6. Part 1 was the fragments. Part 2 will be unrelated to the fragments but a core foundation for things to come in EMC (Tokens system I've vaguely mentioned a few times), but is a requirement for part 4 (the actual event). Part 3 is where the fragments come into play, and the result of part 3 is what gets you to part 4.

    There is no part 5 though. Part 3 is going to be a surprise :)
  7. Nice! Thanks for the update Aikar. Good to know what's going on.

    Lol... So who's gonna be brave (stupid) enough to try difficulty 10 at night? :p

    I'm so going to make videos of the Adventure (suicide)
  8. Sounds awesome, just one question. Any estimated time on how long this would take?
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  9. I see now. "5" in your original post was referring to Survival Difficulty Level. Thanks for clarifying.
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  10. Remember that real life stuff is often more important, even if we don't know what you are busy with ;)
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  11. Me. I think we all saw what happened when I did that. :p
  12. i am so looking forward to cross server messages. god that'll be great! :D
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  13. Thanks aikar! Looking foward to the player settings, will there be a cooldown?
  14. One thing I would suggest but also something you may already be implementing is when on easy mode the drops are normal or less valuable then they would be when on hard mode.

    This would keep the value of those high as they should be when considering the work gone in to getting them.

    How ever I do like the flexibility of the bode settings and I think EMC will be the first server to have such a thing.
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  15. Yes, of course that would be the case, because when it would not people playing on a higher difficulty would have a high disadvantage. So rare drops drop more often on higher difficulties.
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  16. this is great news, cant wait for more drops when I fight the enraged mobs.
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  17. Thanks for the update. Cant wait to raid those tombs. :D
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  18. Do you get more drops on the highest level?
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  19. Yes, higher difficulty will increase rates, quantity and even add potential to get more than one rare item in a kill.

    All loot tables were rebalanced so easier will get less and some items require a minimum difficulty to even get a chance at it.

    All custom item drops require 3 minimum with some 4,and more useful require 5
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  20. Does this mean, come dragon tombs we can turn our difficult up to 10, and get more tokens etc?