EMC Development Status Update - 3/26/14

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  1. That's a cool idea. so long as the change is broadcast to all in the group, and is displayed when someone enters the group (so all are aware). that is a great idea.

    /group difficulty 10 - FTW lol
  2. Dragon Rooms probably will be made so that difficulty settings doesn't make a difference
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  3. Maybe just one Difficulty Setting for Dragon Roosts -- 10 :p
  4. To be honest, I would much rather see multiple difficulty settings for a dungeon. Even the worst Dungeon based MMO's have scaling difficulty. It would be ideal for group difficult to be handled differently in DTombs, as it is meant to be a group challenge, anyways. So instead of having a difficulty level of 10, for 5 people playing on difficulty 10 (not saying that would be easy.. just an example) have a special group modifier. If you have a group difficult of 10 and have 5 people, maybe a version of whatever difficulty 15 would be in DTombs, or something like that. Since there are no real 'levels' based on per player because of skills, it would be cool to see a system where DTombs scales difficulty differently vs. other world mobs, just because it is MEANT to be difficult. That way, a group of level 1 people would not just meet level 1 mobs.. maybe they meet all level 7... because it is difficult and they have enough people to make it worth the fight.. Just my two cents, and since I do not code, I would not know how to suggest something like this that would obviously be more difficult to execute. I just know it would make our 'hardcore' players more.... happy with their experience. I can already feel it, that once you have certain gear and certain players.. even the highest difficulty, will eventually be easy to figure out. I think it should scale with player group size and difficulty level of the group.. providing a scaling experience.
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