EMC Bug Fix Timeline [UPDATED 2013/04/29]

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    • Several fixes will NOT have been deployed to EMC SMP's when they're listed. Please wait approximately 12-24 hours if nothing has changed before posting here to let me know. Aikar added a new "Deployed" status so you can check that if you'd like to know.
    • Large fixes will usually have their own thread made by dev team/staff.
    To file a bug report, please read this thread.

    Feel free to ask if you have any questions. :)
    - Discontinued -
    If you wish to keep up to date with EMC bugs and new features, check http://track.empire.us/ and sign in as a guest.
    Due to it being a non-fixable bug (by EMC devs), intentional feature or other.

    • Lighting is buggy and too bright in areas w/o light sources, Mojang problem and nothing can be done.
    • Referral links not working - these links are supposed to direct to the main EMC page but don't worry, they still give credit as when new players sign up the "Referring players" box is auto-filled in.
    • String is supposed to bring up /res info when interacting with a residence.

    • Players lose items when switching them around in chests/inventory/dropping them and picking them up very fast - opening a chest again or re-logging gets them back. This is a fairly well-known non-EMC lag issue that has been around for quite a while.

    • Problem with ender-chests - losing items when put in them? Awaiting more info, we're aware though.
    • Sometimes kicks by staff will not show reason+other info when you disconnect and is instead replaced with an error code.
    so wasn't added to tracker. Please let us know if it happens to you though.

    • Players remain on the residence when /res move f has been given if they stand completely still and don't perform any actions. This isn't *intended* as such but just happens. It may be fixed eventually.

    • Voting errors - may or may not be an EMC or voting site issue. A thread has been made and PM was sent to bug report team. We're currently trying to figure out whether or not this issue is EMC or the voting sites and what causes it, but we believe a 3rd-party issue (Aikar's short explanation here)
      • Problems include payment not being received and;
      • Streak ending even within 24 hour time zones (most likely on users side, not ours)
    • Water sources duplicating - this is a Spigot problem as found by Yamanqui in a PM. Thread here. Aikar is a (sort of : it's complicated) contributor to Spigot so he may be able to fix this eventually.
    • Leaves not named properly (the block in hand are all called Oak Leaves) - this has been fixed, I can't remember if it was 1.5 or EMC. When breaking the leaves and retrieving them with shears it will give them the CORRECT name, however this will not work with chest shops so you will need to use the /iteminfo code when selling.
    • Redstone blocks & pistons - when placing a sticky piston up, placing redstone block on top, sending power to the piston, turning power off, the piston will not retract. This is a Minecraft [Redstone BUD] bug.
  3. ^Reason you let us know about bugs
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  4. * Thumbs up *
    Good Alex. Keepin' people informed and stuff.
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  5. [EMC-64] Fixed Access Everyone signs interfering with firework permissions
  6. Correct, if you don't know how it works though it's a lot easier to check here. :)

  7. Last Bug is due to the BUD *bug*
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  8. I'd suggest to write dates in the YYYY-MM-DD format.
  9. Not a massive priority but why, might I ask?
    Eh, I'd rather not. :)

    • Players remain on the residence when /res move f has been given if they stand completely still and don't perform any actions. This isn't *intended* as such but just happens. It may be fixed eventually.
  10. Hmm when you give a player /res move f they do go off your res it depends on what server you are on and the area you are in. Plus it takes time, me and marrio just tryed this and it seams to works fine. Maybe the system likes to play games with the players
  11. Simply moving your mouse is enough to make the system teleport you off your res, but after I've done some testing, I am pretty positive that some form of action has to be done by the player for them to get teleported off. :) Here's an (incomplete) list of possible actions eklektoi's come up with:

    If you can work out any specific conditions where you do get teleported off without performing any actions, that would be good to hear though. :)
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  12. Hmm since the change of the res's /move false or true thing. when you have it false you would just fly up into the air and back down again in a different place outside the res. Thought since the change it acts differently like you said about any actions before being moved off the res. But i have gone past res's and then get stuck and i have no glue why and in the chat box it goes nuts you dont have move on this res. It would help when you hit a res that has no move on it like before with being flung in the air. It should move you more than one block away as you keep walking you keep getting kicked back and more messages in chat. when you get kicked from a no move it should face you the other way or something.

    I have had a play with the residence plugin - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/residence/ to give you feed back and things can be changed in the config file there is a template attached to this post. I my mind it worked before plus for some resson i found it fun being flung in the air. Plus colours would be cool as res in and out message.

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  13. Because, when you write 5/5/2013, you won't know if it was 5th of May or May 5th :D
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  14. I'm a bit reluctant whether to report this or not, because, as always, trying to fix this could make things worse, and I wouldn't like that. :confused:
    But, here you go:

    The rupee log sometimes shows wrong balance. Just shows.
    The internal balance in the game seems to be correct, but the rupee log has incorrect balance for some transactions.
    At the first sight it looks like the system can not add / subtract properly, but if you check few adjacent rows, you will find more "errors" and the sum will eventually get "corrected".

    However, this might be a symptom of a more severe problem...
    (Not using database transactions when writing rupee transactions to the database?)
  15. PM, include the Staff and bug report team etc etc...
  16. Seen my post :p PM everyone XD
  17. I always read date as DD/MM/YYYY
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  18. Yes, please PM the bug report team (Jack, silken, eklektoi and myself) and an admin. :)
    I might fix it up when I get time, thanks. :)
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