water source bug?

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  1. Ever since 1.5.1, when I flush my wheat farm (which releases water at the top of the terraces, then a few moments later removes it again) I am seeing new water source blocks appear where flowing water was, at the moment that the flowing water should have disappeared because it was removed upstream. These new water source blocks should not be appearing, since there are no other water source blocks next to them -- it's just regular flowing water blocks that sometimes, at the moment they should dry up and disappear, instead become new source blocks.

    Has anyone else seen this? I can post screenshots if it would help, and/or Aikar or whoever is welcome to trigger the wheat farm on my res to see it first hand.
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  2. I have seen this while doing some work elsewhere on the Empire. I don't if it might be a core Minecraft issue or a Bukkit issue. But I am almost completely sure it isn't an EMC specific problem
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  3. I did see this type of bug in the nether wih lava source. I completely took out a lava source and then out if no where a random new source appears .
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  4. The way water blocks generate changed on 1.5 vanilla. Now new source blocks can be generated if below and besides them there is a water source. Previously new water blocks required a solid block below.
  5. Ahh so this is no bug?
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  6. It's to help prevent "holes" in the middle of the ocean. Previously if you took a water source from the surface of the ocean, the "hole" would remain, since below that there was no solid block.

    Now if you take a water source from the ocean, the hole is replaces with a new water source and the surface of the ocean remains without currents.

    As far as I know this is a change only for water. Lava should still behave the same as before (where you can't create new lava sources).
  7. Well I had a lava bug like this today in the nether, maybe a lava behaving like water bug since lava is like water like in the nether .
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  8. Yes, I'm aware of that change, but I don't think it explains the behavior I'm seeing. In my case, there are never any real water source blocks within 1 block of eachother (or even 2), so no new sources should be created no matter what's underneath them. Also, the new sources do not appear when the flowing water is introduced; it is only when the source has been shut off and the flowing water is drying up that spontaneously, a block with a low level of flowing water becomes a full source block just at the moment it should have disappeared instead. It's hard to describe but when you see it happen it's very clear that it is not like normal creation of new water sources.
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  9. You're right, I just tested it. Over a flat surface repeatedly place and remove a source block 1 block above the surface, so the water goes down 1 block and then spread, once it finish spreading remove the source block, once it finish removing the spread, place it again; after about 10 cycles of this, a new source block appears somewhere on the surface, instead of disappearing. This is a bug.
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  10. I just searched through the minecraft Issue Navigator searching for this bug, and did not find it; also I recreated the problem on single player and let it run for over 10 minutes, without any source blocks being created. I think therefore that this problem is not on vanilla, but specific to EMC.
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  11. it could be a bukkit (or Spigot) problem; not necessarily EMC specific
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  12. True, but I have no way to test that, since I have no access to a pure bukkit server to test. Still, I think Aikar should be informed, so he can decide if there is something that can be done about it.

    Here's a demonstration of the bug, it happens about once every 5 minutes on this machine, on the video the source creation happens around the 18 second mark.

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  13. He am pretty sure he knows about the bug
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  14. can anyone try craftbukkit itself?
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  15. I feel like that is a rhetorical question... but I might be able to figure out a way to try it
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  16. I just created a craftbukkit local server, with build #2717 of craftbukkit to test this. After 25 minutes of the machine placing and removing water sources no new sources appeared, so I guess the problem is not with craftbukkit either.

    Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 3.51.07 PM.png
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  17. I was unable to reproduce the issue in the latest Bukkit server. (Build #2717)

  18. I have not been able to replicate this on another bucket server, so I do not think its an mc or buck bug :D
  19. Last night me and Alex were able to replicate it kinda of.
  20. I just installed a Spigot server build #735 to test this, and it's confirmed. The problem is with spigot.

    Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 2.30.41 PM.png
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