Why did the rupee bonus reset?

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  1. This keeps happening to me and it's starting to get frustrating.
    Since this image doesn't show the time, it is currently about 10:23pm.
    Now granted, I live in the wild and the only thing I use rupees for is chest locking and the occasional egg. I'm not going to get spleenhurt over a couple hundred missing rupees. But I had to work today and wasn't able to vote before, thanks to the 24hr time frame. So I figured "okay, I'll just vote when I get home, no problem."
    And then I see this - gimme a break EMC, it's still Thursday! ("Yesterday" being Wednesday as shown above).
    So what time frame is the "day bonus" thing actually using?
  2. I probably can't solve the technical issue going on with the site, but how many rupees were lost? :)
  3. You waited over a day to vote. If you don't vote within 24 hours of your last vote it resets.
  4. No idea, it's frustrating, I know EMC runs on EST, not sure about the voting websites. I believe I read somewhere Aikar is gonna fix it so that it doesn't reset so people will continue to vote instead of getting mad and stopping.

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  5. You have no idea how hard I laughed when I saw that.
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  6. Not true. My previous days were progressively later: 11am, 12noon, 1pm, 2pm, and then today where I had to wait until after work because before/during was not possible.
    Moreover, this is a bad system to have because it actually encourages you to not vote on at least one site, to keep things staggered out so you don't lose your day bonus.
  7. Voting is definitely very glitchy, if not then there's something wrong with the voting sites.

    Aikar has plans to fix streaks to make them easier to continue with, more info here.

    I've also linked this thread and let him know about these possible bugs. Hopefully he can get to work on this after the wastelands+normal mode update. :)
  8. I useful trick that I've found is that minecraft-server-list.com (the 4th one) seems to run on a different 24 hour system that the other four. I think it does it by "one vote per day" as opposed to "one vote every 24 hours". This is useful for when you end up voting later and later every day, although it might be less useful depending on what time zone you're in, I suppose.
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  9. To be honest, I would vote more if the captchas weren't such a pain.
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  10. They help you with your geometry.
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  11. and making you better at Picturnary.
  12. I dont know once i went diamond and now gold, it kinda replaces some of the voting rupeez, but i agree, there shall be no more captchas!
  13. If you're confident about this feel free to report it, read my sig for more info. :)
  14. If you miss a day voting the amount you get does reset. It is designed to encourage ppl to vote every day, the amount goes up to a max of 700r but if you miss a day then it goes back or resets and you have to start again
  15. i really have an issue with ANYTHING with those captcha things with the squiggle words... i have issues seeing letters correctly as it is, let alone ones that are all screwed up. i always have to get someone else to do it for me >.<
    dyslexia fail.
    - i just love those ones you put your name in, and it shows you pictures, and tells you to click the boat. the cat. the food. now that.... that is what i need. lmfao, first grade for the win!
  16. I can already do integral calculus. :cool:
  17. . . . Um. Yeah. I know. I'm pointing out here that I didn't actually "miss a day," it was just later (in the consecutive day) than before.

    The one I hate most is Planet's square/triangle system. For a while, they would throw between twelve and twenty of those little boxes at me and when there's that many all crammed in together it's nearly impossible to get an accurate count - even worse when they're bunched up in one corner of the captcha box.

    EST for me. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that out and hopefully avoid getting reset again.
  18. its due to you voting close to midnight. Game servers run GMT now so you actually voted the next day.

    as alex pointed out, will be working to improve this, likely today, and give people like a 36 hour window.
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