EMC and the Microsoft Acquisition

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  1. Incase you haven't heard already, it is confirmed that Microsoft has bought Mojang.

    No-one knows what the future holds for Modded Minecraft Servers like ours now.

    But we will continue on as long as we are able to.

    The one thing I'm worried about is as a software engineer, Minecraft is built around reverse engineering and essentially violating Minecrafts copyright to exists.

    This makes it extremely scary for how Microsoft will handle this...

    Will they allow it? It's not a clear cut "they have to", as them allowing reverse engineering and copyright violations of one of their products has major legal implications for them.

    So, right now all we can do is wait.

    But, with this change, I am stopping all work on removing stuff from supporter system (but will continue to add) until Microsoft makes an official update to the terms on their stance with the modding community and servers like ours. It serves us no benefit to strip away our design and systems when there is no indication that will be the rule in the future.

    I would much rather work on the features people want instead of being forced to work on something no-one wants.

    There is zero risk of us being shutdown over not complying with Mojangs EULA, since Mojang no longer even exists....

    So, keep up the mood! I was up till 4am last night (operating on 4-5 hrs of sleep) working to fix the bug with the update, and as soon as we are back stable it will be back to making EMC greater!

    This doesn't stop EMC's development a single bit, and lets all just be wish for the best from our new Overlords
  2. I was thinking, even if Microsoft made changes would it be possible to keep MC 1.7... as a server and keep it as it was/is. While its great to have new features I think its also important to keep the community together.

    It will be interesting to see how things go with Microsoft, but I was also thinking did Mojang make the changes that the did with EULA as part of the deal with Microsoft.

    I would think that Mojang still existed, just that they are now owned by Microsoft, so EULA

    would still hold. I could be wrong of course but they where my thoughts on it all.

    It would be prudent of Microsoft to make a statement soon on there future plans with the game etc.
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  3. Everything will turn out okay. It always does, and I have faith in that fact. EMC will continue to grow strong. Long live Minecraft!
  4. Minecraft has a very vibrant dev community and and even more vibrant player community. All Microsoft has to do is be open about it, allow "sponge" or whatever multiplayer server software we need to be made and ensure they don't try and lock down the different versions and they'll continue to make money. Not sure if they'll make 2.5 billion but we'll see.
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  5. The thing is the Mojang EULA is a legal mess full of opinions.

    Technically every MC server violates the EULA, as blog articles are not legal documents.

    Microsoft will HAVE to clean up the EULA and rewrite it to be something respectable and legally enforceable.

    When they do that, then we can take action on some actual facts.

    It serves EMC zero benefit to work to comply the Mojang EULA when we don't even know if Microsoft will be keeping the 'no gameplay altering perks' rule.
  6. It is a questionable price tag. Someone did some math recently and Minecraft hasn't even generated 1 billion in sales.

    So, lets be hopeful things go for the better.... but Microsoft must have some plans to change the system to make some more money :/
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  7. I agree, no point doing a whole bunch of work for no reason and after doing a bit of reading I can see Microsoft are looking at this as a way of promoting there other items such as phones etc. They want to be a friend to the community's and will therefore need look after them as it will server their purpose and benefit the company in the long term.

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  8. To me it sounds like Mojang couldn't handle all the rage about EULA and then the DMCA takedown so they cashed out while they can. Let's all hope that for once they know what they are doing.
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  9. I don't think it was really that. Microsoft must have been watching Mojang for a while. Notch even said that he doesn't want to run a big company. He's a game developer for fun, not money and Minecraft took that away from him.

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  10. Also, its a key point to remember that the mobile market (Which is a key factor of them buying Minecraft, they want to boost their Windows Phone share with Minecraft) SURVIVES off of Microtransaction in-app purchases of "game altering perks".

    Microsoft is going to want to cash in on this game, and banning the policy that their eco system works off of doesn't sound like the best idea.
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  11. Lets face it. Mojang pussy footed around. They didn't want to upset people but they didn't want to get involved. They didn't want to lose their 'indie' image, even though they lost it ages ago. I think Microsoft will push the game and really allow the community to do new things that Mojang couldn't be bothered to do.
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  12. I have no doubts the game is in overall better hands as far as gameplay features and development goes for Singleplayer and Vanilla.

    Politics in the modding/server community is the primary unknown.
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  13. Your doing great Aikar!
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  14. I'm waiting for the moment when I have to log in to minecraft with my XBox Live account...
  15. Multiplayer server licensing and monthly subscriptions, here we come!

    Seriously though, it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.
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  16. Man, I have such big respect for Notch...
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