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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by synth_apparition, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. There's a major fault with 1.3 and EMC. EMC has shops, a currency and a awesome economy AS OF NOW.

    But when the server updates to 1.3 there will be cocoa bean farms, meaning the price in cookies will drop and we'll be having no shortage.
    Then there's also Emeralds. They won't be as rare because all we have to do is farm our wheat and click on an eggified villager and hope that he gives you an emerald for 5 wheat, which will happen in alot of residences. Then the emeralds will go up for sale and these people will be emerald farming off that one villager and they will also have no shortage either.

    And then if Aikar, JustinGuy, and ICC introduce this new shop system alot of shops will go unnoticed and won't be selling anymore, because all you will have to do is type a command as simple as /buy diamond 1 and it will search for a shop, select the cheapest one and buy the diamond from there.

    Goodbye 100% stable EMC economy :(
  2. the EMC economy has just been going down, the main fault with having money :/ not much they can do
  3. I like this it will make my life so much easier.
  4. The villagers dont buy many items, and most of their deals are unfair IMO. Also, nobody buys cookies anyways :p and cocoa beans being farmable just means that we can make more wool statues :D
    If the economy goes to ruins, they will be there to fix it. Worrying like this isnt needed ;)
  5. yeah, i cant wait for the /buy command they should do a /cheapest {item}
    then i can do that to all my stuff and be the cheapest on server
  6. Villagers should be banned from /town.. simple and solved.
  7. That's what the government said 5 years ago. Look at the economy now.
  8. lets take away everyons money
  9. thats true and i bet in 1.4 that Mojang will add in "Trading - Villagers now more strict and hardly do very good trades"
  10. then whats the point of shops?
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  11. that would be good, maybe have a trade in sale, get 100r got a villager egg from town and disable villager eggification
  12. This is different. They have full control, and WAY more ability to fix the economy. This isnt real life, we dont have taxes, we dont have wars, and we dont have bad polticians. Those factors change EVERYTHING.
    I really hope your joking :p
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  13. As far as I know, Villagers deals aren't that great and you always have to trade SOMETHING for SOMETHING else, meaning you will always lose something to get something else. It will likely handle itself just fine. As far as the other two things mentioned, we've answered why the economy isn't going to "fall into ruins" because of them in various other posts. We'll be fine. :)
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  14. Please, nothing bad is going to happen to the EMC economy...

    The "fear" that people have is that the economy is going to become TOO stable...

    Cocoa beans are not a high demand item, so what is the big deal over that?Cookies are not some magical item that is a backbone of the EMC economy...

    As for emeralds, if that is what comes of it, then so be it... Were NOT going to take away a major game feature such as trading just to "make them more valuable". While eggification does change some aspects here, I personally dont believe we should do anything about it. Let it play itself out... We would essentially put the power of the market in the players hands. If 1 player wants to spend his time trading to find emeralds, then so be it...

    EMC's Economy is designed to be a tool to help you play minecraft, it is NOT suppose to be "the game" as many people seem to think it is... Our shop system update is targetted at improving its usefulness as a tool.

    Your post is actually the exact opposite of what is going to happen: "alot of shops will go unnoticed and won't be selling anymore". This is false.

    MORE people will be selling, and more shops will finally get noticed. That was the entire goal of the system. The only way a shop will go "unnoticed" is if they simply stop selling items, or dont adjust their prices with the current state of the economy (which tons are already way ooverriced and out of stock cause they dont manage their shop)

    Everything is fine, relax and just play the game :)
  15. Banning something thats naturally IN THE GAME for something thats not in regular MC? One of EMC's main goals is to stay vanilla as possible.
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  16. I'd say we're getting to a point now where we can change that. I thought I heard someone once say that we're closer to "French Vanilla". It's close enough to the original to have a blast, but has just that extra tasty addtion(s) that make it oh so much better. :)
  17. read this?:

    It is unknown how the username change feature will be adapted to server white- and blacklists.

    Thats going to be hard to fix for everyone, i got a idea though, why not keep the old minecraft name on record then when a server needs it they simply go to the specific record
  18. What exactly are the symptoms of a collapsing pretend economy? Unemployment? Stock brokers jumping out of windows? Mortgage defaults?

    Supply goes up, prices go down, people adjust by producing less product because there's no profit in it and things stabilize. Maybe higher or lower than before but they do stabilize.

    Cocoa and nether wart will be more abundant. That's why we've been seeing a lot of nether wart being added to auctions and Marketplace sales on the forums. On the other hand, I don't hear anyone complaining about the increased demand for string, ender pearls, obsidian, leather, or cane this update will produce. If you think you're going to be put out of the nether wart business, put your effort into books.
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  19. Here is my two cents.
    1) Cookies? I don't think it is worth it to even EAT cookies as they give the smallest amount of health. So what if there is a ton of them, I don't think that people are hardcore cocoa bean sellers as it only costs 10r in the Empire Shop anyway (under Brown Dye)

    2) I think that Emeralds will not affect the economy t0o much as Emeralds have one purpose... Decoration. There are no Emerald armor or tools so it makes no sense to fuss about it as there doesn't need to be a shortage or a large stockpile as there is no good reason for Emeralds.

    3) They are working on the shop system and I have NO doubt that Aikar and Justin and Jeremy will have no problems making a system that works best and benefits a MAJORITY of players
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  20. reminds me!

    Im Buying Books! PM Me For Prices!
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