Economy chat disabled outside town?

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  1. Heya all.

    Today, by an accident, I noticed economy chat channel isn't available outside town. Thus, preventing me to see any message on /c e or send a message on /c e. When I did tried to switch to economy channel, it gave me a message "You may only speak in economy from Town".
    Anyone know what's the reasoning behind disabling it outside the town/or if there is any information to read to get an answer to the question (a quick wiki search didn't got a result)?
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  2. This is normal I think. Economy is 'meant' for town. I've heard some say it's like this as you can't sell stuff when in the wild so town only.
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  3. First off: ThaKloned is fully right. The reasoning is indeed that you cannot trade while not in town, so you can't access economy chat. I can't find the link, but I recall having read Aikar mention this.

    I'll look into that as well, because this seems like something which should be in there. Thanks for mentioning it!

    Edit: it does now, though IMO not perfect. We (contrib. team) probably need to clean up the page a little bit in the future.
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  4. I don't find it reasonable.
    1. If it is meant for town, it disables the rest of towns for other smps altogether, that I could access by simply switching servers in case if any /c e advertised message interests me, or someone else, being in the wild/waste at that time.
    2. Also, as a supporter, we can see town messages, but can't see economy chat messages and are disabled to answer questions "who sell/buy this or that" nowadays, as they go through economy chat.
    3. Are we supposed now to dump ourselves in town instead of spending massive time at wild base in case if we do find /c e useful or necessary?
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  5. As much as I hate seeing the 'spam' that usually is posted in e chat I agree that it would be nice to see it if you want to. As you mention you can always make arrangements if your in the wild.
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  6. Well, and here is another classic example why I enjoy playing on this server so much.. Personally I'm kind of indifferent about Economy access in the wild, but I can most certainly see your points as well. For example; doing a small bit of advertising on a server while you're in the wild couldn't be done other than using Town chat (which isn't preferred).

    In the mean time it seems that Aikar also took note and started weighing the options. The result is that Supporters can now also use Economy chat in the wild.

    Figured I'd also share it in this thread in case you guys missed this one.

    Edit: And I'd better fix that wiki page now :D
    Edit2: And I got ninja'd :D
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  7. Thank you very much Shel for letting to know!
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  8. The economy chat was allowed for the waste/wild during the update yesterday afternoon. as i can now switch to smp4 & advertise my auctions while im 24k out in the frontier