Easyie voting proplem FIXED LOOK!!

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You like this way of voting thats faster?

Like this at all? 10 vote(s) 83.3%
Disin it 2 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. I have finally created a system for even faster voting its a .html fiile which is website just not hosted by a domain. I have worked hard on this, It's a great way to vote its no opening all the webpages and click on them. Its one page you vote on the same page using a simulation of the webssite. You still GET YOUR VOTES. It's faster and makes voting alot more enjoyable. It has no virus. I've also made a banner that goes with it too. I hope you like it you have to open the index.html first do not open anyother first or you wont get all your votes right. Thanks :)

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  2. Next Page button isn't working for me. :3
    Other than that, really cool! I will be using this :)
    Wait nvm, just had to copy to desktop and put it out of a temp folder ;3
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  3. But would you use it all? You even could use it now to vote that you have it downloaded.
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  4. I did use it :p
    And I think I need to get it to open once a day now lol xD
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  5. Good job! Banner not showing for me...... I hope aikar makes this official!
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  6. If they make it official the banne rwould be fixed ill look into the banner mabye its your browser
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  9. exactly
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  10. Its has very little code to load in the html
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  11. I've been talking to jackbeggin he said hes thinking about implementing it
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  12. Even though, they would rather use the one embedded rather than having to download extra files, some people are wary about having to download stuff like that.
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  13. He simplanting it he just has to upload it to the website. Html files are a website hey would just have to host them ;)
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  14. After trying it out, it feels faster, but some improvemnts to be done regarding it's looks I feel.
    • The website view appears to poke out over the border you have on there?
    • Add some way to go back and to the next one with arrows?
    • Also, the banner mentions voting "for rupees and diamonds", it's just rupees atm.
    It's a good little creation, but until it might be on the site, I won't see myself using it, having to download and click it and stuff takes the "easy" out of "easy voting" IMO :/
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  15. Good job. The iframes are a bit oddly sized and go off the screen. Maybe make them a little smaller
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  16. Well, it's works fine for me! Thanks! :D
  17. Thanks guys is just depends on the size of your screen id it get uploaded jack will set the settings he need for the website and rainbowchin please stop arguing thanks
  18. Rainbow's not arguing. He's just pointing out the features he doesn't quite enjoy and could be improved. :)
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  19. No idea what "Disn It" means.
    Still good nevertheless!