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  1. Hoping there is some good stuff shown this year.
  2. This year @ E3, Microsoft talks about all things except gaming.
  3. Yeah kylie just told me you were raging about it.
  4. Microsoft,

    Just a quick reminder E3 is a gaming conference.
    What are you doing Microsoft.

    I don't give a crap about the Kinect,
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  5. Everyone knows the only part worth watching is the first fifteen minutes. After that it's a challenge to see who can last the longest and endure the most embarrassing moments before quitting.

    Besides, almost every new innovation they announce won't be available in Australia, like Netflix and ESPN.
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  6. its not even about kinect.. its about the smart glass.. which is something japanese companies were already working on without a gaming agenda.. so far.. i am dissapoint microsoft.
  7. To be fair, it is the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

    It's just that until eight or so years ago the only forms of entertainment worth announcing were games.
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  8. it sucks that you guys cant get netflix... i love netflix... its amazing.. and everyone should get it xD best 8 dollars a month i spend.
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  9. I know, but they could at least mention worth while stuff. Instead of spewing on about unpractical stuff they want you to think is amazing and new.
  10. The South Park game, something worth paying attention to.
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  11. The only good games I've seen are Splinter Cell Blacklist, Tomb Raider, the South Park game.
  12. Ok now some guy is pretending to sing... I think I have said enough.
  13. so... when i think of E3 i obviously think of Usher performing his new single live xD
  14. some guy is actually Usher xD
  15. I know who the Usher is.
  16. I think "some guy" is more appropriate.
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  17. well you said some guy was pretending to sing like it was not the original artist performing live :p
  18. Why don't they just get Michael Bay to make a Call of Duty game already. Get it out of the way so my children don't have to know about it.
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  19. You beat me to the Michael Bay joke.