Dragon Tombs

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  1. Waiting for news on Dragon Tombs like;

  2. #Blame1.8Update

    Trust me, we're just as impatient to let you all know.
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  3. No chance you can let us know anything more about it's progress(or, if y'all aren't currently working on it, can you tell us about the progress y'all need to make, to start making progress on the tombs? xD)
  4. i got a time machine and it's all bad news... emc will still be on 1.7 next year... and the christmas promo for 2015 will be [REMOVED BY STAFF]
  5. That is totally amazing I can't wait for [REDACTED]
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  7. Judging by the Development Status, They aren't working on it right now.
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  8. I figured that just hasn't been updated, since "Next major" is game server, and they already did that....
  9. why were all of these removed lol
  10. Well, obviously the man is trying to keep us down.
  11. they went to the future with me. ;)
  12. I mean, they're better off just deleting the post, instead of deleting half of what was said. They just make no sense anymore after being deleted
  13. Because we clearly edited all of those posts...

    But in seriousness; I may be working on a project, paralleling the end goals of Dragon Tombs. interpret that as you may.
  14. It's a joke. Ulti started it and few can resist following what he does, he's just so charismatic.
  15. That should be in the under the Development Status, I mean that's what it's there for :p
  16. CHICKENEER is going to release land-claiming within the next week!! WOooHooo!!

    though it is true, nay one can resist him....it was totally mods redacting stuff o.0
  17. who wants to go see what the easter promo will be? we all know that new year's is a firework
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  18. you didn't hear? new-years is a never-ending TNT o.0

    edit: [REDACTED]

    EDIT 2: What I've been TRYING to say here is [REMOVED BY STAFF: LAST WARNING, LUCKY]
  20. Haha, Well. to see more specifics on what I am working on. I keep Track up to date with my projects (only the ones that are up there though - so a few surprises).
    #Deployed - Means it is live on the server
    #Fixed - Code is complete but under review; not on the servers
    #In Progress - I am working on this!
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