Dragon Egg Contest!!!

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  1. Welcome to the first ever dragon egg contest!

    The entry period for this contest is now closed. We will be reviewing the submissions. Please do not contact us regarding your submission as we want to maintain anonymity of entries.

    The grand prize winner will receive UPON THE DRAGON TOMB RELEASE - NO ETA - one of the NEW dragon eggs given to krysyyjane9191 and I (as current dragon egg holders).


    Entries can be built in any mode: Single-player, multiplayer, creative, or survival. It does not matter. The entry must be submitted as a world save file or a schematic to me before the deadline. The contest winner will be decided in a double blind selection by myself and kryssyjane9191.

    Submission Deadline --- Saturday December 22 - Noon Central Standard Time.
    Announcement of scores and winner -- Expected 2 weeks from submission date - depends on number of entries.

    -- Submission guidelines --

    A Entry will be submitted to me via a link to the world save of schematic. NO SCREENSHOTS. This file will then be assigned a random number by myself - I will not open it. This random number file will then be given to krysyyjane, who will assign it another random character combo. She will not know the numbers, and I will not know the characters, thus ensuring a blind choice when judging.

    Also, if you would, mention if you'd like to compete in the thread so I can monitor the amount of entries / how much time it will take to judge.

    -- Item Usage --

    The list of items below are what your entry can be created from. These are the hard limits for what you can have used total in the structure. Any item not listed must either be generated from what you are given (for instance glass from sand), or cannot be used (bedrock). The total counts will be analyzed using MCedit. Conversion blocks count toward your total. For instance 4 wooden planks count toward your total wood usage by 1 block - as so forth on the other items.

    Stone - 540 Stacks
    Sand - 540 stacks
    Gravel - 54 Stacks
    Iron Block - 216 Stacks
    Gold Block - 54 Stacks
    Wood Logs - 540 Stacks of any kind
    Diamond Block - 54 Stacks
    Lapis Block - 26 stacks
    Ice - 10 Stacks
    Clay Block - 270 Stacks
    Emerald Block - 54 Stacks - Cannot be traded villagers
    Wool - 540 Stacks of any colors (totaling the 540 stacks)
    Obsidian - 54 Stacks
    Soul Sand - 54 Stacks
    Netherrack - 540 Stacks
    Netherbrick - 540 Stacks
    Glowstone - 54 Stacks
    Snow Block - 540 Stacks
    Nether Star - 1 Stack
    Cake - 1 Stack
    String - 10 Stacks
    End Stone - 54 Stacks
    Melons - 1 Stack
    Pumpkins - 1 Stack
    Lava - 5 Stacks - source blocks - flowing lava not counted.
    Sulphur - 5 stacks
    Dragon Egg - 1 egg
    Mossy Cobble - 54 stacks
    Mossy Stone Bricks - 108 Stacks
    Cracked Stone Bricks - 108 Stacks

    Items not counted but allowed.
    Plants - cannot be used to make wood! It will be taken from the offical amount in the structure.
    Water - cannot be used to create blocks!
    Blaze Rods
    Redstone Dust
    Gunpowder-to be used for fireworks, not TNT
    Animals / Animal Eggs - cannot be used to create blocks - You can have a sheep in a pen, but the wool total is still based off above.

    -- Judging Criteria --

    Each section is worth 10 points. The bonus points section is for builds judged as special in some way. Doctor Who entries won't help you, but who knows what might! Scores will be released when winner is released.

    We will be walking through the residence and going through everything. Signs may be left as pointers leading to unique items or helpful hints for circuits / etc. Putting anything that identifies yourself on a sign or in the design disqualifies you from the competition!

    • Inventive use of Materials
      • What creative ways did you use the materials list?
    • Originality
      • How unique is the idea?
    • Interior Design
      • How well designed is the inside?
    • Exterior Design
      • How well designed is the outside?
    • Detail
      • What little details have been added to make it more special looking?
    • Functionality
      • Can it be used? Can I walk inside? If it's a circuit / has circuits, does it work?
    • Bonus Points
      • As explained before, this is for anything that does not fall into the other categories.
    ------ One of these could be YOURS! ------

    And we have a winner!

    We had many great entries and some great competition but there can be only one winner. So without further adieu I'd like to announce the winner of the competition:


    His build was extremely impressive, and with his permission I will add a link to it on this site. He will receive one of the dragon eggs when the additional are given to us.

    I'd like to thank everyone who entered and we will be hosting more competitions in the future!
  2. Q&A

    Q: Do we have to use all of the items?
    A: No! The items listed above are the limits to what you can use, not what you have to use. There is no benefit for you to use all of the items above (like the large number of cakes).

    Q: What do I build?
    A: Anything! Redstone circuits, structures, wool art, a combination - whatever you'd like. The point is to be creative - it does not have to be any particular design.

    Q: Can we use natural structures in our building?
    A: Sure - you can use the benefit of terrain or a view as well, build wherever you want! If you're using a natural structure, the blocks of that structure still count if they are connected to your entry. You can't use a fortress floor as your floor to get extra blocks.

    Q: How does the block count work? If we start building on a naturally made surface, but only build upwards, is it possible to see what's part of the structure and what isn't?
    A: Grass and dirt are infinite, so you don't really have to worry about that being part of the building. If it's on a natural structure, I'd recommend putting a sign that says where the structure starts and the natural begins. If it contains player made items, it counts for the structure. For instance, using a nether fortress for part of it would not count for the structure if the build was on top of it. Having built inside the nether fortress makes it count. If you don't put a sign, I will use my best judgement on it - but personally I would not leave it up to that.

    Q: What do you suspect a dragon egg will be worth?
    A: My thoughts are at release around 250k. It will take a long time for someone to find a dragon tomb, and longer still to win the fight inside. With the ability to claim the wild with dragon eggs, those winners aren't likely to sell their eggs and give up that opportunity. Since people (myself included) were paying 50k at release for beacons and 25k now - for little more than a shiny light, having a method to increase your claimed land in the wild will be extremely valuable. Farther along it may go down in price, but I don't see it going much lower than 60-75k. There's always going to be a desire to claim more land in the wild, and at least for me, I'd always be in the market for more.

    Q: What if the dragon tomb update releases before the contest ends?
    A: If this is the case, the winner will receive the egg at the end of judging. We will not stop the contest early if the update comes out beforehand.

    Q: Do we need to use the default texture pack or can we mention with a sign which texture pack would make our build look best?
    A: I'll be using the default texture pack to judge this. Krysyy may use anything. If you want to recommend a texture pack, that would be fine, but it needs to be a common one - I'm not going to hunt around for texture packs. LIST THE TEXTURE PACK ON A SIGN IN THE BUILD - DO NOT SUBMIT THE TEXTURE PACK TO ME. I want it to remain anonymous, and I'll be able to remember who requested texture packs.

    Q: Are we allowed to use spawn eggs?
    A: You can't use spawn eggs for material generation (for instance no gold from zombie pigmen). If you want some animals / monsters running around, that's fine with me.

    Q: How do I send you a link to the file?
    A: Upload it to any site you'd like and send me the link in PM. Outside of the various minecraft sites such as minecraftforums and planetminecraft, here's some free services. Personally, minecraft forum or planetminecraft is recommended, but please don't attach photos.


    Q: Is there a limit to number of entries?
    A: You are allowed 2 entries per account.
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  3. so were to use as many of the listed items above but not go over the set amount provided?
  4. How did you get so many eggs? Did you get 20 already (from the update)?
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  5. Interesting , so basically our structure can be anything as long as it follows the guidelines. Oh and is there a way to turn a save into a schematic like a conversion site for that?
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  6. You can use as many or as few of the items above as you'd like - but correct - you can not go over that amount.

    For instance, I've given out a huge amount of cake. Chances are you won't need that much, but its available for you to use. There's no bonus for using all of the materials given - it's just a limit on what is the max you can use.
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  7. Looks like imma be looking for the perfect map seed/chunk to start it on single player.
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  8. Technically, I will have (or I and Krysyy) will have 40 post update. That picture is actually taken at the copy of 3879 on SMP2 on my personal server.

    Exactly - whatever you can think of do it! Save files work, or if you have mcedit, you can copy the structure area and click export to create a schematic. Whichever way works best for you guys works for me - just remember to not have anything inside the map that identifies you as a player!
  9. ahh ok thank yp
    u for clearing that up i didnt want to have to use that much cake :p
  10. Sounds awesome, this will get me to work!

  11. I've updated the main post, but if you already read it you may not see. Please note in posts if you are going to enter the contest so I can keep a number running of how much there is to judge. Don't describe what you are building though.
  12. Is there a limit to the amount of entries we may create?

    Also if not, can we use an alt to enter another creation?
  13. i will most likly be building something so count me in
  14. Please keep it to one entry per player name. If you have an alt, feel free to make a separate entry for it. However, time poured into one creation versus two is most likely to yield the best results.
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  15. I shall enter. When you put redstone, did you explicitly mean the dust, or any redstone machine things, such as rails, levers, or buttons?
  16. The dust. It may be used to make repeaters and the like, but all the iron etc used to make rails and other items will be tallied...
  17. I badly want one bad! xD
  18. Oh my, I am so, so in :cool:
  19. I love to, but probably won't get the time. How much do you think that the dragon eggs will be worth? Because I have an idea....