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  1. Some people on EMC think that its golden days have passed months ago. Older members may agree and reminisce of a time when all the servers were packed, and they had to wait until a slot opened to get in and play. Some think that it's not that bad, but what we can certainly admit is that growth has slowed down.

    However, I wish to kickstart another Golden Age. Effective immediately, I am declaring the beginning of an initiative calling on every true Empire Minecraftian to double the size of the active community, by bringing at least one friend to EMC and encouraging them to participate in the community as much as possible.

    The Double the Empire Initiative (DEI) wants YOU, the members of EMC that form our community, to get to work finding at least 1 friend to come to the Empire and participate in the community. You will be advised to:
    - Encourage your friend to vote for the Empire on Minestatus each day
    - Encourage your friend to post an interesting Introduction on the forums
    - Show your friend the ropes and teach them about the community
    - Not show them how to do the tutorial and ask them to be patient
    - Employ your friend and pay them well if they help you with anything
    - Show your friend how to make rupees quickly to stimulate the economy (show them this guide: )
    - Encourage your friend to build something awesome and put it on YouTube and Planet Minecraft
    - Encourage your friend to post regularly on the forums and participate in discussions and auctions
    - Have your friend like EMC on Facebook
    - Have your friend bring a friend, and have them bring a friend, and so on!

    If every member brings ONE friend, the Empire will double in size! Of course, not every member will be active or present to notice this initiative spring up, so anyone who sees this should have the decency to share and make an attempt to get us to 100,000 members ;) (not that we'll stop there, of course)

    So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start recruiting! (Not too quickly, your friend needs lots of guidance in the first week :) )

    Minecraft achievement badges for recruiters and recruitees will come soon ^_^

    EDIT: If you plan to bring a friend, pledge to do so on this thread and get back to me once they're here!
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  2. I've brought 4. 2 left, 1 is a normal player, and one is a huge supplier on 6. None of them will make forum posts though.
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  3. Congrats ^_^
    I've brought a few myself, the point of this initiative is to obligate everyone to bring a friend whether they have or not, in order to make the Empire grow :)
    I do plan to find someone else to bring and mentor
  4. Don't take this wrong but WOOO an idea that didn't get instantly flamed!! :)

    Sadly I've tried doing this, the only ones who have stuck are my sister. I really don't know that many people who play. I invited a friend a long while back but he just kept finding things to groan about and stopped.

    We've had lots of people on but it's been kinda slow the last few days due to Thanksgiving holiday and all that :)
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  5. I have got 3 new people on EMC,
    1 left (well not been on for a long time)
    2 are normal but don't use forums and wont like it on FB because 1 doesn't want to and other doesn't have it

    But nice idea! Trying to get people to buy MC for XMAS then join EMC.
  6. I won't like it on Facebook, because that requires me to make a Facebook.
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  7. Yeah, shame there's no crafting recipe for that yet..
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  8. Technically I've referred 6 people to the Empire... although 5 of them were myself... and the other one was someone I don't know how they got my reff. link...

    But yep, great ideas! :D
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  9. xD
  10. Sounds exactly like what I do for games that require me to add friends. "Oh I'll invite my other emails and whatnot."
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  11. i agree with all of this as ive been in emc for over a year and i did notice that not as many people are on and i totally agree with this as i'm attempting to bring friends on but i also noticed alot of people are on smp 1,2 and, 9 but if you think of it like this they have 10 servers (inculding utopia) and all the players are throught the servers but still not a lot of people are on i love your idea great work :)
  12. Well I know I have brought in 3 people. All three are active in the game and 1 of them posts somewhat regularly on the forums..mostly for auctions and things like that. The last I brought in is still getting used to the game and is not into forums. Actually was half tempted not to join at all when he found out he had to reg on the website. I talked him into it though. I think once I get done with a few projects, and he has learned the ropes, he will become more active in the game as I show him more cool stuff. That or I can employ him in some way. Great idea though. I do hope it works out.
  13. thanks ^_^