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  1. My suggestion is that on the website they should post a dogecoin address that is the same for everyone and you don't get anything in return. If its a single address you could donate 100 Doge giving them a whopping 10 cents. When you think about it that way its bad but if multiple people gave them 10 Cents it would really add up and it would be a great way to keep the server running also all donations are anonymous so you don't have to feel bad sending them small amounts.
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  2. Are you saying that EMC should accept dogecoin donations? I am kind of confused. If so, I really do not see the point in that. I imagine it is hard to transfer dogecoin to a currency which could be used for server upgrades. The price of dogecoin is also changing constantly, so I do not see it as an affective way of donation.
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  3. They don't give us rupees in return for my idea. They use cryptsy to get the money in USD to pay for their server. The more people who give them small amounts the more it adds up for them.
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  4. Even without rupees, I still do not know if it is a good idea.
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  5. Aikar has mentioned before that he wants nothing to do with volatility of cryptocurrencies.. Please do not but the thread this post is from, but:
    EDIT: ..At the time that thread was up a few months ago, BTC and Doge were worth alot more, but when cryptocurrencies were outlawed in China, and BTC had some severe security issues the price dropped by nearly 50%, to what it is today..

    EDIT2: I have not been on Cryptsy in a while, so I didn't know prices were going back up.. xD ..But regardless, it is still very volatile.. I stopped mining and trading after my wallet lost most of it value in January.. :oops:
  6. DogeCoin is real? wot?? xD
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  7. Yup, we helped send Jamaica back to the winter olympics this year.. o3o
  8. I never saw those words yet
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  9. Dogecoin, smh. Can't we all just have one currency that's named money instead of dollars, pounds, yen, or coins. Come on world, step it up.
  10. +1
    It's free and easy, just get a wallet and post the address, just for donations, no need to use it for buying rupees/supportership. Why would you turn down free money? If you think it's not gonna pan out in the long run, it's surprisingly easy to convert it to USD.

    It would take 15 minutes, no need to even make a real account, just download the wallet and copy the address.

    Why the heck not? Even if you don't care about dogecoins, FREE MONEY.

    I'll make sure /r/dogecoin gives Empire some love.

    Trust shibes, much generous.
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  11. It is not all that convenient, and with EMC technically a business, crypto-currencies aren't well defined as a form of income yet.
  12. Dogecoin also has a bukkit plugin so the server that has the plugin can mine. EMC might get free money off of that too
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  13. cept mining takes huge amounts of data on servers that already have lag issues
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  14. Mining w/ a minecraft server is a terrible idea. Just accepting donations shouldn't be a problem.
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    It should be perfectly legal in the US. As it mentions in the first linked article, FinCEN is working on regulations, which exempt buisnesses. As long as it is treated as profit (I'm assuming it will be converted to USD without much delay) when taxes come around.
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  16. It would be a way to donate. As long as it is still worth something, why not accept free money?
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  17. Not to mention, I am sure shibes would donate just for you guys supporting it.
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  18. was in response to
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  19. Having multiple cryptocurrencies allows for competition, allowing for a 'survival of the fittest' scenario. Look at the cryptocurrency list. The best cryptocurrencies rise to the top, and are used more, and the worst ones sink to the bottom and fall out of use. Because there are multiple cryptocurrencies in existence, this indicates there is a demand for multiple cryptocurrency. Should a time come where there is only demand for one cryptocurrency, the masses will ensure this, and only make use of one cryptocurrency.
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