Do you need any help on emc? post your questions here!

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  1. Last night I got an idea. If you need something that is not big enough for an entire thread post it here. I hope many people consider using this thread instead of wasting your time making a giant thread that no one notices so you don't get your answer. Anyone can answer the questions. I hope this thread helps lots of people. Thanks:)
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  2. Do you know the coding for the Marlix Boss?
  3. How many rupees are currently in EMC?
  4. I don't but I will see if I can get aikar to tell you.
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  5. No, not Aikar, YOU answer the questions :D
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  6. What I ment was you ask questions and anyone can answer
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  7. "
    Do you need any help on emc? post your questions here!
  8. Yeah, sorry, no, you're wrong. What you quoted does not say that any specific person would answer your question. In fact, what you quoted doesn't say anything about an answer at all.
  9. That's not the kind of information anyone would just know, nor is it the kind of thing Aikar would expose.
  10. What's this 'EMC' thing? I heard it's quite good.
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  11. Who's this guy? ^ jk
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  12. Just my 2 cents but I don't think one huge thread with questions will really work out all that well... The problem is that the longer the thread becomes the harder it gets to spot new (legit :D) questions.

    I suppose there is this ancient question about chickens, chicken eggs and spawn eggs. So yeah, what came first? The grass block or the command block? ;)
  13. The TNT block which blew both up
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  14. Actually, command blocks cannot be blown up ;)
  15. That's why the TNT came first :p
  16. Lol
  17. True
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  18. This is a thread I created first, but no one has posted on it so your beating me
  19. When did you start that thread?;)
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