How many rupees are in EMC ?

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  1. Lately I have been pondering over a question.
    How many rupees are in EMC over all players?
    I would guess a lot. Hint: If you couldn't buy rupees
    there would be an exact amount you could get.

    I would guess a billion rupees. Whats your guess?
  2. Maybe a few trillion :confused:
  3. 1,124,096,920
  4. :eek:
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  5. This is a difficult thing to estimate, as rupees are constantly flooding into the economy due to daily sign-in bonuses, new players, and voting. On the other hand, the banning of players removes rupees from the economy. This causes the net rupee sum to be a fluid number that is likely impossible to pinpoint at any given time. However, if I would have to estimate, I would guess around 0.75 billion rupees.

    EDIT: Okay, there goes my science. Thanks, Aikar. :rolleyes:
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  6. Lots of replies XD
    Why do you always type in a light orange? lol
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  7. *There goes the guessing game*
  8. Slightly off-topic, but I'll answer anyway since this thread basically just was defeated by the mighty Aikar. :p The account hashhog3000 was named after a corn snake, so, when I got bored with the plain ol' white font, I chose orange. The darker shades looked kinda bad, in my opinion, so I went for the pale orange. :) As for the Verdana, well, it just looks nice and smooth to me. Pleasant.

  9. Inspirational!
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  10. Well I guess that's the sweepstakes for next year's parkour tournament XD
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  11. Half of that probably belongs to Todd_Vinton :p
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  12. Hilarious. We all know it's more than half :)
  13. Is that the actual total as of your post?
  14. um how about now!
  15. I wanna bump this up since new member's join and new rupees are being bought, so question still stands...How many rupees (right now) are on EMC?
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