Do money on your own res - buy a SmoothGen (c) [EMC-wide]

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  1. Do excessive, fast, reliable and easy money on your own res - buy a copyrighted SmoothGen!
    A machine that creates not cobble, but SMOOTH STONE very fast!

    Before you pay and contact me, you will need to tell me how many cores do you want - more cores - faster getting stone.

    There is a dual-core generator on 817 for demo, it gets full with 3 minutes! It means you can get 156 pieces with 3 minutes! For free!

    After picking the number of cores you want You shall reply to this thread and wait for my anserw!

    1-core = 300 rupees and 52 blocks in 3 minutes
    2-core = 600 rupees and 104 blocks in 3 minutes
    3-core = 900 rupees and 156 blocks in 3 minutes
    4-core = 1500 rupees and 312 blocks in 3 minutes

    The more cores you want the longer the building takes time.
    Oh too bad? You already have cobble/smooth generator? Not anymore! A copyrighted SmoothGen (c) is the fastest generator of all and actually, you mine smoothstone faster than cobblestone, too. So don't watch your poor, slow, dirty, clock-powered, stuck ****generator, buy a copyrighted one!
  2. ill take a 4-core!

    how much space does it take up?
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  3. About 25 wide, 40 long and at least 3 blocks high - that's a quad-core, 4x6 buffered generator!
  4. Ill take a 4 core
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  5. we could do it on utopia now and do you supply
  6. Me too, nfell! High five!
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  7. like five :D
  8. 4-core one for me. When can you build it?
  9. can i see a picture?
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  10. he built me one they are real goof
  11. Dude it isnt working come fix it
  12. Ok, nvm, canceling my order :)
  13. It only worked once :(
  14. Yes it may get stuck due to lag, but it shouldnt, mine has never got stuck..
  15. It did but I g2g so how do I fix it
  16. I am definitely not quilty for getting stuck, I'll be fixing this right away when I get the build flag. The system overall is bugless!
  17. Gabe come on only one core stopped working due to cobblestone others are fine. You just need to press the button!
  18. I did not working ps I am on a cellphone right now