Need Stone/Cobble? I Can Make A Gen For 500r! 3 Types Available!*

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  1. I Can Make A Stone Gen Or Cobble Gen!

    I Will Supply Everything To Build;

    Building Material For It

    There Are 3 Types Availble;

    Up Gen
    Side Gen
    Down Gen*

    Brand New:

    You Can Now Buy A Toggle able Stone And Cobblestone Generator! Its Smart Piston Technology Enables Full Features Of Both! There Is Only 1 Type Available At The Moment But Im Interested In Hiring People To Find Out New Ways!

    And You Go Through Fell Building (My Company), And This Gives You Full Protection For 250r More! So If It Breaks Then We Will Repair It For Only 1 Payment!!¤

    Small Print (Read!)
    *Still Under Extreme Testing!
    ¤ Terms And Conditions Apply And It Will Be Inspected Before Repairs Are Done 1 Payment Only Lasts For 7 Days Or You Need To Renew For A Monthly Payment At 150r Per Month Of Purchase Month Is At 28 Days If You Cancel Then The Product Immediately Becomes VOID From Future Repairs And If The Product Has Been Tampered With This Will VOID The Cover Please Note That Everything I Build Is Copyright Of Fell Building From Empire Minecraft SMP4 And Taking Videos Of It And Uploading To Websites Sending To Other People(s) Is Strictly Prohibited And This Includes Selling On The Generator And Taking Photos Of It To Then Steal The Blueprints
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  2. want one?? only 500r?
  3. arggghh i need one desperate, but can you make an obsidian generator also?
  4. yeah i can there is 1 type ik same price as well 500r
  5. well meet me on smp7 sometime. Im gonna be cleaning out my camper to go to the beach :D
  6. what res and what time? btw im UK
  7. nevermind, im broke again.
  8. What are the dimensions of the wall (up gen) ur's produces?
  9. God how i hate the "small text" people try to add...
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  10. well there are tems and conditions like any good seller they must be small look at a tv or ad there is loads of it!!
  11. depends do they want 1 up, 2 up, 3 up or 4 up
  12. wait u said stone generator? stone and cobble are different
  13. Not to be anoying or anything but just to post another FREE option...
    Just because honestly alot of people don't understand how easy it can be take make one of these. BTW I would suggest making two next to each other so that it is fastest.
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  14. He can make either. But here is a simple way of making a stone gen:
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  15. Just so you guys know the options I have posted are good but the service nfell2009 provides is EXTREMELY good I'm just simply offering a way of building it yourself.
  16. yeah but i also supply you with the materials build my self and the stone gen isnt the same one i use there is another i do and all the products come with a 5 day cover*

    *Terms and conditions apply no payment needed once 5 day they can then go for a monthly plan for only 150r per month the product will be inspected before any work is done missing items will result in no fixing at all
  17. yeah ik thats why there are 2 type of gens im trying to make a stone/cobble gen
  18. i have now made a toggleable stone and cobblestone gen i didnt use youtube as my internet has been down!! this will be on the price list now :D but due to having 6 pistons and lots of redstone and repeaters its going to be 750r
  19. Yeah I know I was just giving people a simple option that is ultra basic...
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