Discussion: ICC Tribute Centerpiece?

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone,

    As you should have seen, the JustinGuy Tribute Residence is complete with the winners' builds.

    After talking with Icecreamcow (now using the name GloriousKoch) about what he would like with regards to his very own tribute on EMC, he wants YOU to decide what should go in the middle.
    So over the next week, make suggestions in this post.

    Then on March 1st, we'll make a community vote poll to make the ultimate decision. Start thinking about what you want to make for the contest that will also follow. The design will follow the same overall layout of the JustinGuy tribute residence and, by request, will also be on SMP1. There will be 4 32x32 plots on the corners and 8 30x32 plots along the sides.

    The due date will be on ICC's birthday June 11th so get to planning! An official post will follow after the interior design is finalized.

    Warning to the Community:
    While some of you may hold grudges for arbitrary details of the past, the Empire Staff will not. Jeremy did a LOT for EMC and deserves to be recognized for his effort and hard work, just as JustinGuy was recognized for his. If you don't agree, then turn the other cheek and don't participate.
  2. Good idea!
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  3. Sounds awesome, I might actually participate this time. :p
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  4. Very cool... I already know what I'm going to make for him. >=)
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  5. A giant cow farm. Or perhaps a giant Ice Cream cone made out of TNT.

    More seriously, I think a sort of 1-story square pagoda styled building with a courtyard in the center and a fountain/statue in the middle would be best. (It doesn't make a lot of sense when I explain it like that, but I'll see if I can't find a picture or design somewhere.)
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  6. Maybe if I can get it; a humongous cow with ice cream on his back.
  7. Nice idea! I'll make sure I post here if I come up with any unique ideas myself :)
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  8. the EMC logo, maybe
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  9. That wouldn't be a tribute to IcC, though. That would be pixel art of the EMC logo.
  10. whats a tribute?
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  11. Sort of like a commemoration. I'll get a definition of tribute for you, though.

    Tribute: an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.
  12. Great idea! ;)
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  13. Hmm... An... Ice cream cow!
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  14. Nothing better than the GLORIOUS Tri-Force Symbol from Legend of Zelda. Or maybe a Giant Pokeball... Both sound good to me!
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  15. Giant block of TNT anyone?
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  16. A giant set of cow udders.

    Well that might not be appropriate,...
  17. I think we might lose, oh, I dunno, about half of the new players as soon as they join when they see this? :p
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  18. Maybe a empire shop that has a different theme (Xmas, thanksgiving, etc) with deals but that shop is only open on during that time? If u know what i mean.
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  19. Like his old profile picture. Cow udders that have functional options to choose between flavors for ice cream.

    Throw da concepts around.
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