[Discussion] Are Bumping Auction Threads important?

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Were The Rules Set Previously fine?

Yes 29 vote(s) 76.3%
Sort of... (Discussion) 5 vote(s) 13.2%
No 4 vote(s) 10.5%
  1. I really don't care that much but I do kinda wonder what is on the "recently active threads " that need to appear longer it's necessary to make this change. Without bumping auctions it seems to me that the same threads will appear there for hours. But, like I said, I am not concerned and am willing to try something new. Just won't auction any high price items and will instead use the "selling" section and ask for PMs so that I can bump.
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  2. Now banning bumping is going to be the cause of a ton of people not making the money they are suppose to. Not many people go into Auction sub-fourm itself, myself included. This will just cause people's auctions to be recognized less and receive far less money.

    How are they going to enforce this rule anyway? If you say bump on an auction thread are they going to give you three strikes before you're kicked out from the auction forum?
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  3. I totally agree with you
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  4. I just really hope they fix this. It seems all this rule change accomplish was to destroy the legit auctioneers cause now they can't bump above the joke auctions. Like how did the Staff think this was gonna turn out....
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  5. i just need help

    why did people negat bid on a auction what is happening
  6. I remember voting on Macro rules but I don't remember a vote on any auction rules? Did I miss it?
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  7. where is the pole you are talking about
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  8. Disclaimer: I did not read the entire thread. Also: I'm not going to sugar coat my words.

    I think the new changes will only hurt EMC in the longer run, and I am surprised to see these pop up. I expected better.

    About the no bumping: it's a stupid rule and I think it's only applied to cover for the possible upcoming increase of new auctions. After all: people already complained about auctions being "in the picture" all the time and right now you can auction off one block of stone if you want to, which I too think is a stupid change. It caters to players who have no patience to save up to reach that one DC but having to reach that one DC is what made the whole thing special in the first place!

    Just for the record: this is coming from someone who has in the past held several "+s" auctions, meaning that "shell rules" applied meaning that I would only bump the auction once every 24 hours. That would be a rule which would actually work: it limits spam yet still allows for the participants to pinpoint their moment of attack.

    But this?

    Also for the record: Aya and me have been saving hard in the past months to auction off a DC of quarts (I don't really enjoy nethering with those nether hounds, Aya loves to take 'm on) and right now we're close to hitting a bit over one SC. We've been saving up, badly, do reach that magical DC. So now we can "just" auction it?

    Where's the challenge? Where's the specialty? So if you whine enough (several people did not enjoy the DC limitation to my knowledge) you just get your wishes?

    I'm not a believer and I think we'll never auction off those quartz blocks because.. this is no fun.
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  9. Well Said!
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  10. My opinion is that removing the bumps from auctions is the first step in taking them away from the forums at all, some of us who really only ever made rupees flipped or hosted lots of auctions, I made millions that way. So removing bumps and making them less noticeable and therefore a non way to preform business is just the start in removing them at all

    My thoughts would staff should add an EMC hosted in game auction area with signs designed to take bids and make the whole process under their thumb, charging a fee will remove rupees from economy and then there would be no need to have it on the forums and the people who cant get on forums would have access to auctions,

    would prolly get more traction than the game server,
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  11. Your right, they will remove the auctions and everyone will move to sell threads instead and bump those. Honestly it's just a stupid rule
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  12. I know I haven't been here that long but I don't think I've ever seen such a massive outcry about this auction thing. A lot of people are really upset about this
  13. You should post it on the rule's thread cause they doesn't seem to think so
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  14. I've added on to the complaints : p
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  15. I think EMC should ban the one items auction thing. It makes sense for promos and more special items, but auctioning 1 stone? Eh, I'll pass on that one, I think natural and "Easier" blocks to get like sandstone, bricks or your basic blocks should have a minimum auction quanity of a SC. Stuff under that would be more valueable blocks like gold, diamonds, or emerald etc. Right now auctioning 1 dirt is funny, but annoying
  16. (I'm 'whining' here and not on the other thread, I shared my grievances and I have no interest in following up on it anymore).

    Well, if you really want to protest against this then there is a very easy and friendly way to do so: stop auctioning alltogether. Just ignore the entire section, see what happens next.

    To be honest I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen eventually. Not fully drying up but an enormous decrease. New comers may enjoy these changes but people who have been auctioning for longer times already (I like to count myself amongst those, even though I have been much less active as of late) will notice a very obvious problem: a potential income decrease from auctions.

    Auctions have always been a bit tricky and risky but I've seen plenty of auctions which only picked up after the host bumped their auction at few times. And no: not just at times where the US was active, the same applied to times which were more normal for my (EU) timezone. Now they can't do this anymore so auctions like that are now certain to either expire or bring in a ridiculously low amount of cash.

    Leading up to: for veteran players auctions will soon end up not being worth it. You don't get the same amount of cash as you used to, so why would you even bother?

    Now... I think to understand some of the reasoning behind the rule changes (assumption of course). Because (generally speaking) many auctions tended to end up at pretty high prices making it less accessible for newer or more casual players. This will obviously change all of that dramatically, and may get more players involved.

    That's the part I can actually agree with.

    The problem of course is the decrease income. This way it's much more profitable to ignore auctions entirely and focus on your shop or to host an auction in-game. So it remains to be seen if the auctions will still end up having that small bit of specialness.

    Honestly.. Sometimes I'm pretty much convinced that EMC staff hardly play their own game(s) anymore, at least not in a way where they actually try to think about what regular players might do and like. At the risk of being a bit too critical: but just look at the games server. It's empty most of the times, because it doesn't appeal to players. Which I honestly think is a shame because there has been plenty of effort put into it to make it work. So much unused potential, yet here we are...

    And I wouldn't be surprised if we'll head into the same direction with the auctions. Which would be another huge missed opportunity. Right now you can get your hands on stuff in the auctions which can be very hard to find in-game. But for how much longer?

    I wouldn't be surprised if over a few months the auction section ends up like the games server; Sporadically used, but other than staff themselves very few players take it seriously anymore. And I honestly don't see how this is going to help the Empire, all I can see is a decrease in interesting stuff to do.

    Of course.. I hope to be proven wrong. But without a partial reversal of the current rules I don't see that happening.
  17. The biggest deal was the auctions caused a grest deal of "spam" when the bid didn't increase after a while. The new rules state thst no bumping is allowed.... Now if you throw 1 block auctions into the mix you just created more spam.
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  18. Here’s my thinking, but it could just be me. Most people don’t go to forums thinking “hmm I really want to spend some money” and then go searching through the auction threads. What happens with me is I see something pop up on recent threads and I’m like “yeah, I’m interested” so I bid. There’s no way I’m auctioning anything with rules like this and I don’t see why anyone would. The quantity change is ridiculous too. If I want to buy a stack of something, I go to a shop, not an auction where I need to wait days possibly just to get my stack of whatever.
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  19. I agree with kaptrix,

    I use auctions to acquire large quantities of materials that are WORTH the WAIT.

    For a stack or less I'd just hop to a store...

    The cakeload of '1 block auctions' is just bloody annoying.

    As windylava said, where was the vote for this rule change?
  20. Disclaimer: To me this thread is a central 'community effort' to protest against the recent changes. Heck, even I have outed several words of strong criticism. Words I still fully stand behind, but I also think that this post by Krysyy also changes some things.

    Personally I think Krysyy isn't joking here as she sometimes does and is actually serious about revealing stuff which Aikar would rather have kept secret for now. Which is the exact reason why I'm posting this here and not on the main thread. I am using my profile once more (as I also did for this thread) but this is also where this stops for me.

    Even so, I honestly believe that if you're feeling negative about the whole thing then you need to read this:

    For me this changes things a lot. I'm still not happy with the changes, but I do trust Krysyy and the EMC staff team when they say that this isn't the only change and that they're still working on all this.

    Yes, they could probably have announced it a whole lot better, maybe even prevent a lot of the backlash. But it's always easy to look back in hindsight, isn't it?