[Discussion] Are Bumping Auction Threads important?

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Were The Rules Set Previously fine?

Yes 29 vote(s) 76.3%
Sort of... (Discussion) 5 vote(s) 13.2%
No 4 vote(s) 10.5%
  1. Instead of being frivolous on the recent Rule change thread, I want to actually see the"100 members that vote and some outliers" on this new rule change.

    I find it necessary for bumping auctions because of the actual item worth, sure they can spam the recent thread bar but it's necessary. The rules now state that NO BUMPING at all in forums and no updating in market chat will hurt the market instead.

    I say that we should keep it as is but I would like to have players discuss here.

    Thanks :)

    Were The Rules Set Previously fine?

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  3. Forgot some grammar "Were The Rules Set Previously, Fine?"
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  4. Personally, I don't think these changes were entirely necessary, but since they aren't going to be reverted any time soon, a compromise would be the best bet, but that doesn't appear to be an option either.
  5. Actually we do. History shows.
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  6. Have you even read any of the replies to everyone that has suggested something different in place of completely banning it? There is no show of even being open to a possible change!
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  8. I think what the staff are doing in general to help EMC be better are good as it is with the new changes so I am all for the new rules.
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  9. Agreed. Staff would not do something that affects EMC in a bad way.
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  10. I think this change will hurt auctions for items that have a small market as it will make it harder for them to be seen by the right people
  11. I feel like Auctions need to be able to advertise. Without any advertising how is one suppose to get initial foot traffic. What about people who live in Australia and post their thread then, or are they now expected to wait till it's nearly midnight to post their threads so they can get the most traffic.

    I liked all the rule changes except this one. It just seems that they fixed something that wasn't broken? I thank all of the Staff and I know they always want to make EMC better. Staff are human and they can make mistakes and I believe they should just not have the new Auction rules or at least let them advertise in game chat. It seems like an overreaction to a very small problem. I think they should correct the new rule changes for auctions and then most people would be happy. So on that note I vote that the previous rules were fine.
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  12. I completely agree because sometimes even staff can make a mistake. Even though I see it being fine there is always an option to agree on a compromise to make everyone pleased.
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  13. 100% I agree, that's why I think they should at least allow in-game chat advertising which follows the same rules as Shop advertising. Compromising is needed.
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  14. The bumping of auctions threads was the first and foremost reason why I found the auction(s) I needed for my materials.

    Searching for auctions under the actual forum section of auctions is a true pain...
  15. I agree, as a builder I really rely on the recent thread section since the search bar is broken
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  16. Exactly, its broken.

    And then when you finally think you've found what you're looking for, you open up the auction, get to the last page, and find out the auction was already concluded/has already been sold.
  17. I also see where you might come from this but I think they are trying to find another solution that might tend to fix this issue.
  18. I feel like that's a lot harder than just admitting they were wrong and changing the one small rule a bit.
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  19. bingo bongo
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  20. Well good valid argument they don't always see the flaws in their choices but they do it to try to help the economy and make it more balanced.
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