Did Aikar ruin the economy?

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  1. Why does everyone say Aikar ruined the economy. He is just to awesome to have done that!
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  2. what have i missed...? ~FDNY21
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  3. ikr
  4. It's an old joke.
    Anybody still using it is beating a dead horse.

    Can't remember exactly, so I'll let someone else explain. :p
  5. Guys....its a long running, much-overused joke that the empire has. There was this one time where Aikar accidentally did something that would have screwed with the economy if not fixed (or something like that), and ever since its a joke that's brought up every time Aikar does anything.
  6. It's just a joke, I can't remember where it originated from but I'm sure someone else will be able to tell you (maybe even the man himself :eek:)
  7. plz explain it to me
  8. His big plan to ruin the economy should be up soon anyways...I thought he was gonna steal all our rupees and spend it on shoes for Max, which wouldn't even be enough for her to be satisfied...
  9. Didn't it actually start with the shop system update?

    Although it's completely true.
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  11. It's just a long running old joke where every time Aikar would release a major update or change to EMC, somebody would always say in the comments that it would ruin the economy, even if it had nothing to do with the economy.
    It was kinda funny for a while, but it got old real quick.
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  12. No, there was something before. When Aikar posted a thread with radical changes to the economy I think. I'll have to look.
  13. Aikar, one of my favorite Admins. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! Max is my fav though, and then ICC. And what did I miss with the Aikar ruined the economy, doesn't everybody know that's the liberal media's job? (Just kidding by the way, our real life economy in America is being flushed down the toilet! :mad:)
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  14. I wish that the US would stop spending the money they don't have
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  15. But they still did that after
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  16. Didn't it start when aikar proposed the shop update? With /buy and /sell etc. finding the cheapest in-stock shop with the item and teleporting you there??
  17. Thank you Aikar for not ruining the economy and for making it a lot better!:)
  18. all the shop stuff is still planned to be done... :p But yes its mainly a fear that the economy would be ruined by my proposed system, though in reality data backs that the economy will not be ruined :p
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  19. plz explain data blocks
  20. essentially move the shop system to be more virtual and easily accessible, in that you can find stuff very quickly and see the overall price of goods.

    I'm not sure why people think making it easier to buy and sell would ruin the economy, but that is the running joke.
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