|PRESENTS!| Shoes for Maxarias

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  1. Hello Maxarias! I've been told you like shoes.
    Pickup is at 9034 on smp4
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  2. That's alotta shoes
  3. yep pretty much
    17 leather boots in all generic colors
    1 diamond, gold, iron, and chain boots
    3 paper
    1 horse spawn egg
    1 saddle
    1 iron horse armor
  4. Its not an auction it is a present to maxarias
  5. thats what i get for not paying more attention. please excuse my blond moment :oops:
  6. its ok im the worst at that
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  7. I have a question. Does anyone know around what time maxarias is on because if you haven't noticed already I am not very patient.
  8. lol i have no idea, try pming ICC and asking
  9. thx but i guess i will just wait it out
  10. Nevermind! I HAVE NO PATIENCE! I'll PM him. Thx
  11. If your going to apologize, at least spell blonde right xD
    I myself am a dirty blonde, but in the summer and fall it is a bit closer to brunette, whereas I am closer to a blonde color during the winter. :p It's a bit interesting to say the least :)
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  12. yep
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  13. Where did you get that book?
  14. a moderator gave it to me
  15. I'm not very easy to make laugh, I say "lol" a lot but in reality I almost never laugh. When I was reading this I thought it was some boring thing about some shoes, I wasn't amused. I was looking at the paper names and thought they were semi-creative, still not amused. Keeping in mind that I barely ever laugh, when I saw the screenshot of the "tired of walking" kit I almost fell on the floor laughing. Well done.
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  16. thx I just needed to fill up a few of the remaining chest slots to make it nice
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  17. I wrote the book. Didn't realize I had so many typos in it...
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  18. Thanks for the shoes (and horse stuff)! I've stuck them in my Player Gift vault. Will treasure for the evers. :D
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  19. lol ICC must never know about the leather boots!