/derp command

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  1. Are you a veteran player?
    are there some commands you havent put into emc in years?
    well this potential command is for you

    /derp would give a list of common new player commands you may have forgotten plus an explanation of those commands
    things like:
    how to i move my res spawn?
    how do i reset my permissions without deleting my expensive res?
    how do i set permissions for my res when i am not on it

    it would also be pretty funny if the first thing that pops up was like awww, you forgot? here ill help you
  2. I don't know if anyone would use that command because the command /help is more commonly known... +-0
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  3. -1

    Older players have a lot of resources including /help and the wiki.
  4. You people are all too serious. This needs to be a command! :p
  5. The same thing as /help. This new command reminds me of LOLCAT language. /derp, optinez, bac to ze geme :p
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  6. least someone gets it
  7. Yes I agree I have infact reset my expensive res by accident before
    Plus it's funny
    We need some laughter on EMC other then chin
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  8. /derp

    Who are you calling a derp, /nub?


    Who are you calling a nub, /derp?

    Should be more than enough to keep some players busy for a very long time :D
  9. Maybe /derp as an alias of /help
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  10. Dufne would get a kick out of this :p
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  11. -1, but I do appreciate the idea :p
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  12. Okay, now THIS must be a pair of commands to implement! I LOVE IT!
  13. /newb or /newbie brings up the empire assistant
  14. Maybe if we just make it something that is fun instead of functioning like an already existing command. Like maybe we should do something such as /nub playername where it will announce in town chat " MustangLover25 IS A NUB! ". You know what I mean, it could be something used for fun but not for an already existing command.
  15. And your idea needs to have like a 5 min cooldown
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