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  1. Hey everyone. This is a pretty short suggestion. Make tokens transferable. Right now, I'm not able to give any other players tokens, making it not a currency. If there are plans in the works to use tokens for features and updates, I get that, but still let me give or receive them from other players.

    Say I'm making an outpost with friends and I don't have enough tokens to claim all the land around the outpost. But, combined my friends and I have more than enough. Being able to transfer tokens in this case is a need.

    So to end my spiel,
    make /tpay a thing.
    And that was my TED talk,
    thank you. :p
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  2. I'm not certain what Aikar's plans are exactly, but I always sort of imagined they would be transferable to your Empire bank - which would hold tokens / rupees for your Empire.
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  3. tokens will never be transferable except to an empire bank (which can never be withdrawn). extensive info will be provided when that feature is released, but player to player will never occur.

    tokens are meant to represent personal success at doing specific EMC things.
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  4. does this mean were getting a token leaderboard?
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  5. Ahhh so it's not meant to be a currency, I see.

    In the future, when the Empires update comes out, would it be permissible to require an entrance fee of tokens into an outpost? It seems as though this would come as a double sided sword as the Empire with the most paying members would thrive and expand the most, but a beginner at EMC would be left aside until they can scrounge up the tokens necessary to join one of the big empires. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this haha
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  6. From here, posted Feb 2014:

    Here (pg. 3) is where I first said they should be treated as property for the player to "sell". Aikar dismissed the idea because he thought "rich" players would just buy tokens and get ahead without playing the game. But you know, "rich" players are "rich" because they do play the game, the way they want - duh.

    These are the threads suggesting a token leaderboard: here and here and here and here. Went nowhere. Guess what, if a leaderboard is of no interest to you, you don't have to look at it.

    And read my post here to see links to all the times Aikar said buying a dragon egg with tokens was right around the corner :rolleyes: Please.

    Four and a half years later...yawn. But at least when you do /ps now you get a gui with a bunch of random heads instead of a clear easy to read menu. Woot!
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  7. This forum is not the place to rant about how long it takes us to get stuff out.

    Yes, I provided a very long term roadmap. Yes, some of those items will be a long time before they deliver. Nothings new here.
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  8. You have the option to use a menu or the GUI. Some people prefer the visual icons and some prefer text.

    If you don't know how to change this, I believe it is located in the Misc section of the /ps menu.
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  9. We're not sure yet if Outposts will be allowed to deny move permissions. We need to put some thought into that when we get to that. but if we do disallow movement, we could explore something like that if we feel like it can fit in a reasonable manner, but it would be to the empire's bank so not withdrawable.

    but we are still a bit off from that work so I'm not ready to brainstorm on it yet.
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