[Denied] Top of the Nether

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Should we be able to reach top of Nether

Yes 28 vote(s) 46.7%
No 35 vote(s) 58.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I was wondering if it would be possible for the "Teleported you to a safe location" function removed. It is a known mechanic you are able to get on top of the nether and I think the players should be able to use that. Maybe you don't want farms too close to the protected area so you could make the teleported to a safe location to a longer range then protected area?

    E: I messed up, tried to make votes anonymous and only have 1 choice. Oops
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  2. Never knew this was possible.. But sure, sounds good.
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  3. It's cheating in my eyes. You're not meant to get on top of the nether and it's TOO easy to build things up there, with little threat of ghasts and you don't have to slab.

    -1 from me.
  4. That feature was actually created because there was a glitch that was heavily abused, i.e the top of the nether counted as "Protected area," so people would teleport up there and then teleport to town. As for removing that, I have no idea. That's up to the devs
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  5. Getting up there is one thing. There is bedrock that is supposed to keep you from going up there and you have to glitch past it in order to do something. It's still not an intended mechanic so we won't be changing it.
  6. Sorry, shouldn't this be in Suggestion category, rather than misc? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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  7. You can spam a few enderpearls at the highest layer of bedrock then jump up.[

    Pigman spawn wherever you place stuff and so do ghasts.
    E: Also I would say it is harder if you try to build up? There is nothing to place on, I'd say it is no different from overworld.

    Mojang is doing nothing to stop it so I thought we should let it happen also. I didn't know about it being counted as a "protected area" like spawn.

    Intended mechanic was the wrong word, I meant they know about it and are doing nothing to stop it.

    I had no idea if this qualified as a suggestion because it was more of a removal? It's fine Kryssy says no.

    Sorry these quotes are out of order
    Edited it to put in order
  8. This confuzzled me a wee bit.

    So you can glitch through the ceiling of the Nether in order to then TP, as if in 'Town'?
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  9. The TP function was removed and replaced with a "Send you down", the TP to town was a "Uh your not suppose to be up here but we don't know how to send you back down safely, so send you to town"

    But it doesn't matter if Mojang refuses to fix it or not. Its an unintended game mechanic that disrupts the survival aspect of the nether and we're not willing to support it, sorry.
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  10. I would like to be able to pay a Senior moderator to remove one block of bedrock in the nether to have a beacon. You still would get teleported back down if you got up there.

    But for this, -1 it is cheating in my eyes.
  11. While I agree that building on top of the nether is not meant to happen, neither is using village mechanics to farm massive amounts of iron ingots. Iron farms are a huge disruption to all areas of survival Minecraft. I don't feel that is is "right" to support one, but be against the other.
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  12. You can actually use Dark Oak Trees to break through the bedrock either up AND down :p
    EDIT: I noticed everyone was talking about enderpearls
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  13. Beacons work in the nether. No need to remove bedrock, if there is only naturally generated solid blocks (netherack/bedrock) above them they work just fine
  14. I just tested in SP, they don't work with the bedrock, they have to have a opening to the sky.
  15. I'll let that sink in for ya ;3
  16. Well, I tried that alot of times, but in EMC it doesnt work for some reason (in sp worlds it does) but you can get back trough a portal
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  17. I was saying that in the sense of just breaking through the Nether, and your approach with an SMP-styled server should be different from one on a singleplayer as there are server variables included with how stuff works
  18. I have to say, I dont see a reason to get on top of the nether on EMC, because chunk loading worka different so gold farms dont work ( the on top of nether design ) and that is actually the only reason I can think of
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  19. Test it on EMC. It works. I have used them in the nether before. The beam wont appear but the beacon works.
    EDIT: I was wrong about the naturally generated terrain thing, not sure where I remembered that from, but if there is a single block of bedrock above blocking them, they work.
  20. I don't agree with the "unintended game mechanic" characterization to the extent you're implying it shouldn't be allowed/Mojang does not want it to exist. The ability to get on top of the Nether in survival was first discovered years ago, and the ability to break bedrock with a dark oak tree was first publicized more than a year ago. I thought I read recently that Mojang was going to fix the bedrock breaking capability, but now I can't find evidence that they have, and as far as I know, it's still possible to ender pearl on top and to build nether portals up there.

    It's gone "unfixed" for so long, it's only reasonable to interpret Mojang's inaction as acceptance. If it were unintended at some point, it's intended now.
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