[DENIED SUGGESTION] New Color For Diamond Rank

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  1. Ok guys, so as you may or may not know, I'm VERY OCD about some things. One thing that bothers me a lot on EMC? The color of diamond rank. See it has a sort of Darker Blue Color (&3) even though diamonds are more of a Shinier/Brighter Blue Color (&b)..... So I know what you're thinking, Sean this is the stupidest suggestion ever, and maybe it is. But it's just me speaking my part. I'd LOVE to hear your responses! Please vote in the poll and post! Thanks!
  2. -1 i think the diamond supporter color is fine as it is. its kinda more of a diamondy color then these two colors u have selected
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  3. I would like to see a darker color, But honestly i don't think it will happen anytime soon or at all. Nice suggestion tho +1
  4. The first color selected is the closest to the color diamond rank is that I could get on here.
  5. I think &3 is close to the darker areas of the diamond, and it just seems more mystical and diamond-y. :p Plus, we're all used to it after years of having it, so I don't see any real benefits to changing it to &b.
  6. No I'm saying a brighter color, not darker.
  7. I like the diamond color <3
    Anyways, I think it looks just like diamond color to me. But then again, I am color blind to particular shades of blue so you never know. =P
  8. For the correct-ish colors:
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  9. oh lol XD sorry im a lil hung over:p
  10. Yah that's a bit better. What's your response to this?
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  11. Doesn't the proposed look more like diamond? Maybe it's just my resource pack :p

    If easily done I don't see why not.
  12. There's not really a reason for this to happen. Diamond is fine as is.

  13. I like this color. Not really needed.

  14. If any of the supporter colors need to be changed, I think it's Iron. It's dull looking and actually makes one look less spiffy than a regular member. This might be too "girly," but perhaps a nice shade of light pink to match iron in ore form?
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  15. I believe that the diamond color is mighty fine as is. -1 from me.
  16. +1 from an actual diamond member.

    A brighter blue would definitely look better, the darker color is bland and I noticed this today when a few diamond supporters were talking in chat. The forum rank already has the color, why not in game?

    I honestly think non-Diamond members shouldn't have a say on this topic, it doesn't really affect them. If you don't like diamond supporters having a better looking name, oh well, you're not paying the $20 a month/ 300-400k rupees a month to have the new color on your name.
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  17. If we change the color of diamond supporter, I want red >:D. Other than getting red, which will never happen, I see no problem with the diamond supporter color.
  18. I think that its fine as it is, honestly, i don't see a difference.
  19. So far 3 for the change, 1 for the old color.
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  20. OK, I'm not currently diamond, but the OCD concept is good. A true diamond shade would be better in game. Why not?
    +1 for change.
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