[denied] Remove the free permament res protection

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Sgt_Pepper4, Oct 23, 2015.

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  1. I noticed while running around smp8 that some res's are derelict, but the move flags are off. Meaning no one can get onto them. If no one can get on them to see if they're derelict, then no one knows they are. They can't force claim it either, since you have to be on the res to do it. You'd have to get a mod to go on the res and reset it if you even noticed that its up for grabs. How many people do that?

    Basically there's a free version of derelict protection, when other's have paid 100 dollars of real money for protection. Something needs to be done.

    I suppose the easiest and most effective solution is to turn on all move flags when someone derelicts, so it'd be up for grabs, just like any other player who didn't think to turn off move flags and went derelict by the new derelict policy. I do not think this need much more explanation.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, after a certain amount of time after the residence goes derelict, it is reset to an open res.
  3. My neighbor is like 60 or 80 days derelict, still there.
  4. Not a bad idea. I think the system will automatically forceclaim them for a new user who joins, so it's not the same as actual derelict protection - just prevents intentional user /forceclaims. But it's still probably a loophole that ought to be closed, so +1 from me.
  5. It's not 100% but it's pretty good. Especially free vs. 100 dollars.

  6. This is warewolf111's res. Still intact after 87 days, 7 hours. But this isn't a res this thread is really concerned with. Just maybe proving that not all the derelict res's reset after so long. Or maybe so long just maybe takes forever.
  7. you can do /res forceclaim #####
  8. You can check reses without going onto them as well /res info 8415

    You just need to be on the same server.
  9. Well, I guess then I'd have to say is, move true res's have the higher visibility of being derelict in the first place and far easier to access without much knowhow to force claim than move false res's. Making them more likely to remain untouched and offering a free form of protection. After 600 days here I didn't even know that haha. And the few old timers in town chat didn't know that.
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  10. I think you have to know too many details to be able to take a derelict without move. It should be easy to take any derelict you want. It would make sense that if a res is derelict that the flags would go default.
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  11. Yeah there's complicated work arounds to find out if something is indeed derelict. But it shouldnt be hard. It just makes unfair res protection really. You need a sophisticated player, who wants that spot before a person needs to worry about their res going away. If you're in the middle of nowhere, it's not likely to happen.
  12. Yeah, I see what you mean...
    but people might've build things on their res they tried to keep secret, so it should definitely be very clearly stated somewhere that move flag will be set to true if people go derelict.
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  13. Yeah just put it in the new derelict policy, have it go into effect after so many weeks like this past one.
  14. The worst part of this suggestion is the coding to do it. It seems like this would be a pretty natural suggestion to implement if chosen. Maybe something on staff's side I'm not seeing? I guess we'll see. I'm sure a staff will poke around on the thread.
  15. They might not care enough to change this with the future plans of infinite town sizing. I would guess it would be easy then to just grab 6-8 res's together. After years of lying to us, we'll finally get our max res vouchers for voting then too :)
  16. We're getting a max res voucher for voting?
  17. Said so in the login message for last year "vote and get great stuff like voting shears and more residences..."

    I don't see the voting broadcasts anymore since I vote often enough :)
  18. I've noticed res's on my own smp that had not been wiped even though the person had been derelict for some time. However, after about a week or so the residences did get opened up. I don't know if there is an extended "grace period" for older members or if this is some sort of glitch. But it does appear that they don't stay protected forever.
  19. You can also just go into the live map and do /res info for the res next to you
  20. No grace period as far as I can tell. People stopped voting to protect fairshop and she got wiped out. So sad.
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