(DENIED) No Auto Protection for Work Benches

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  1. When a new player starts they run out to the frontier or waste (most don't really understand the difference when they first start) and look around and collect resources. As they do this they put down work benches to make a boat, or make whatever. Work benches that take little resources to make, they need to do a one time crafting and never plan to use again. They are gone but the work bench is forever protected.

    The frontier is littered with work benches and they are all auto protected and if someone wants to fix up the frontier, as I enjoy doing, they are unable to remove these without mod assistance and only if the player has been gone for 180 days. Considering the transient nature of work benches, how few resources they take and how players place them without planning to return to them I suggest they stop being auto protected. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. +1 Good points!
  3. +1 yea I’ve had staff remove some of them before
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  4. Good point. +1.
  5. -1 cause then people will start stealing mine
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  6. Moved to suggestion box :)

    I'll bring this up in discussion with staff, too, and we'll go from there.


    /buildmode would still work on them, so you would just have to use that on workbenches you for sure want to keep.
  7. I agree and think they should have auto protect but if theyre less than a week old and 30days of no play. Remove auto protect.. AS well even though the waste resets, Can we get anti-g out there too? Just made some griefing reports.
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  8. Seems like a good idea to me: +1

    However, it also raises some concerns. Just because you're capable of removing those blocks doesn't always imply that you also should (or are allowed to). Strictly taken this is still a form of griefing, though a very minor one.

    And although you can use /buildmode in the Frontier you can't do that in the wastelands.

    Even so this does sound like a good idea to me nonetheless because it's true that most players often leave those tables all over the place ;)
  9. I'm certainly not suggesting that a workbench that is inside a structure or placed somewhere where it obviously is designed to use on an ongoing basis is the issue I am talking about.

    I am just saying moving a workbench to the category of a plank. A plank is not auto protected and who would have an issue with removing a single plank sitting by itself somewhere in the wild. I would think no one. But certainly removing a plank as part of a house is griefing. Just saying making a work bench a plank.
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  10. +1 Yeah, there's one sitting out in the sand at my Skyway . . . It bothers me.
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  11. yeah yeah we all know you and your ocd want everything perfect zulu lol
    +1 from me as when i go to waste these things are every where its like the tribbles from the trouble with tribbles episode in star trek(very obscure reference am i right?) they just keep multiplying
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  12. yeah it def needs to be changed to only auto protect when the players is like 5 days old on the server. like go out in the wild around the reset zones and you will find them within 10 blocks of one another sometimes, thats how lazy *some noobs are
  13. Or how easily they lose their workbenches.