(DENIED) figure out a way to protect blocks from endermen

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  1. ive seen regular endermen pick up protected blocks and ive seen enraged endermen pick up multiple protected blocks when they start doing that blipping around thing they do from rain or whatever.

    meaning, they are messing up my protected builds. which shouldnt be happening.

    i know its not as easy as limiting damage from say a creeper or a ghast but there has got to be a way to prevent them from grabbing protected blocks
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  2. +1 I hate when this happens
  3. It looks like there is an entity tag to determine whether an enderman is carrying a block or not.

    I would assume there is a way to write a piece of code that forces carriedBlockState to be false at all times (?)

    So +1
  4. Yes, but it'll be a little different because this is not a Boolean variable but a Compound:

    /summon minecraft:enderman ~5 ~ ~ {carriedBlockState:{Name:"minecraft:redstone_lamp",Properties:{lit:true}}}

    (unfortunately this command will make the Enderman carry a redstone lamp, but it won't be on ;) ).

    However, there is a property to set this up and which applies to all mobs (including zombies which sometimes also pick stuff up): CanPickUpLoot.
  5. Not a matter of figuring out a way to do this. We know how, but I would argue that it is not desired behavior. Endermen should be able to pick up whatever they want.
  6. So, creepers destroying crafted/protected blocks isn't a desired behavior (for obvious reasons), but endermen doing so-is. Doesn't make sense to me, or am I missing the point? :confused:
  7. Well a creeper can destroy up to 30 or so blocks at once an endermen can pick up one block and drops it when killed a majority of the time
  8. +1 protected blocks should be protected from everything
  9. +100000 This need to happen. I'm always have to fix mistakes enderman do to my builds
  10. Players can control creepers and cause grief. Players can not control enderman.

    we're actually going to look into letting creepers destroy your own blocks if the creeper is trying to blow up on you.

    The goal isn't to remove vanilla survival mechanics and make your build unchangeable.... it's to prevent grief by other players.

    The blocks an enderman will even touch is very limited.

    We're not looking to intentionally remove a vanilla mechanic here without cause, so suggestion denied.
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  11. A. Players can control endermen, if they arent holding a block, enraging them by looking at them causes them to pick up whatever they are near, you can push them to be near things like say a diamond block.
    B. Even if the list of things they will pick up is limited there are those of us building things with those blocks, with the original understanding that buildmode should protect blocks. I have a natural build im doing with tons of grass, leaves, and wood blocks, all things endermen can pick up, im constantly having to replace those blocks from it. It doesnt seem very play my way to say that because im building natural looking things they wont be protected...
    This is even worse for a sand build because ender love picking up the blocks holdkng the sand up, making it fall and look unnatural.
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  12. For these non-valuable blocks. That would have to be something covered by formal land protection - not just the antigrief system. I understand where you are coming from; but it isn't the intended scope. :)
  13. https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Enderman#Moving_blocks
    Enderman will not remove a Diamond Block. They have a limited set of blocks they will grief.

    Additionally, Endermans AI rules have no care if the enderman is targeting someone or not when picking up a block.
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  14. I have absolutely no idea what this thread is, but I like it!
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  15. I know it got denied but I just noticed something interesting within the upcoming Minecraft 1.13 version: it will become a whole lot easier to control this. In 1.13 this behavior is controlled by the minecraft:enderman_holdable tag which basically defines all the blocks the enderman can (or cannot) pick up:

      "replace": false,
      "values": [
    (see data\minecraft\tags\blocks)

    If you go over the list you'll notice that it doesn't include any blocks which you'd normally use for a building (stone, bricks, nether brick, etc.). So it should be pretty safe on that part.
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  16. I like how the various flowers are listed in there as well. It seems oddly charming that an Enderman would show up to your door with a bouquet.
    That, or they've been taking etiquette lessons from the Iron Golems...