[Denied] Cell Phones in EMC!

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Would you want a Cell Phone in EMC?

Yes 4 vote(s) 9.5%
No 33 vote(s) 78.6%
Maybe 5 vote(s) 11.9%
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  1. Well this thought just came to me and its about a EMC Phone!

    Calling and Voice Mail
    Call other users and leave them messages and it will use a Voice Chat type communication.

    Text Messaging
    Send Text messages to any user so they can talk to friends, shop owners and, just have fun.

    A calculator that will allow you to make good shop prices and check your inventory etc.

    Notepad and file system
    A notepad to write down things in-game when you don't have a piece of paper near you. A File System so you can upload screenshots and anything else from your computer, and send them to friends via text messages.

    Unique Numbers
    convenient Numbers to talk to other players on other servers and on yours. Say for instance um your on smp1 and your res is 4109 then your number would be:
    (SMP1)-[random 3 numbers]-4109 and if you were already on smp1 then you wouldn't need to put smp1.

    the numbers you can change on your account page on the forums maybe?

    this might be a hard task but would make the server even greater then ever and attract more users to join and play
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  2. Well, this is a LOT of work for a not too big thing. This would have to have a bunch of custom texture packs and... Just way to much work, I'm not even too sure if its possible

    (Now if it were added it would be cool but its just too much work)
  3. true but it would do EMC well I mean not many servers now have Interactive Cell Phones but I meant to say in it that it would start out with that stuff but simple graphics like the Empire Assistant then to the really good graphics
  4. I don't really see the point of this as most of this stuff applications on your computer can do. EMC has a Mumble to voice chat and I think you can use text based chat in it also (check out our Mumble here http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/community-mumble/). Text messaging is already implemented with /tell {user}. The unique numbers is just a lot more complicated then it needs to be and since we already have Mumble you can just use that after you make a Mumble account. Your computer should have a calculator app built into it and would not be worth the time it takes to program one into the game (if that's possible). Not to mention computers have notepad applications to write stuff down on them. All computers are file systems in which you can easily make your own folder on your computer and put all your minecraft related screenshots in it and then put it on the forums.
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  5. ok Mumble you cant voice chat directly to a friend and the file system wasn't for storing it is for sharing with others your friends on the server
  6. Skype allows users to directly voice chat. And you can always use image sharing sites such as imgur and then just post the link in chat.
  7. I see what your trying to do here, but it's just not going to work..

    -If you wanted to talk to someone just email, Skype, mumble, text, or pm them in-game or on the forums, not really that hard to do.

    -A calculator isn't really nessecary and would require alot of work, if you really needed a calculator you can just download an app on your device (as I have done) or just work it out in your head, that's why u have a brain, comes in handy sometimes :).

    -Go to a mall and buy a book and quill, perfect for writing things down in-game :).


    -This sounds really complicated when you could just go to the server that the person is on and talk them there, not nessecary.

  8. Very unique idea. I like it.
  9. If this is in game so much coding to make a calculator what would it look like just -1 from me
    EDIT: this is ingame
    EDIT 2: If it was irl then so much money would go down the drain for this first: they have to design it to the very last detail 2: they have to ship it off to a foreign country to even make the phone 3: where the heck are they going to find the material to even make the shell and touch screen these things are very expensive
    4: how would they know where we live this isn't an easy process
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  10. Not to mention uploading screenshots & voice chat would require a mod that everybody needs if it'll even work, and as mentioned above there's easy ways to do all of the OP. -1
  11. Not the chrome book :3

    I do agree with lots of other posts that say it is too much work. Honestly, it is. I would not even be very useful were it to come out.
  12. Too complicated. Why not just put the items you want in your taskbar?
    Such as:

    In that one picture, you have the ability to:
    • Access the Empire website to privately message people and access to Imgur to upload images.
    • Use a calculator
    • Play Minecraft and in that game, you can privately message people. Do not forget, we do have a /mail feature. You can also take a screenshot with F2
    • Take a picture (Gyazo)
    • Take a gif (Gyazo)
    • Documents to store everything you want
    • Notepad
    • And Mumble, a free software that you can download to talk to the EMC community!
    Remember: The task-bar is there for a reason.
  13. I never really thought about this being anything else but ingame. If this is not ingame then it is even more of a hassle for next to no reason. You can just as easily make an EMC app that has all of these capabilities if you want, but it has been said that EMC will not be making their own.
  14. I think most of the people voted no brcause they are not adapted to new things. But i think: if its possible, aikar agrees with it, and makes EMC better in a way, and most importantly: people accepting new technology, we will integrate this into EMC
  15. Well, first, I don't have any idea how this could be done. It sounds way to complex. Secondly, it's not at all needed.
    I think I would not enjoy this, just like I find it hard to enjoy modpacks.
  16. This is not doable and unnecessary. All of this stuff is available through conventional means that usually now come pre-installed on an installation of Windows. And if you don't have Windows, there's Mac and Linux equivalents of that stuff alongside actual Mac and Linux versions of the Windows software.

    This would be cool to be seen done, but it's not going to happen on EMC and can't be done through Bukkit/Spigot. A lot of the stuff you mentioned can't be done through client-side mods, either.
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  17. I think more people voted no because of how complex it is and it's Practicality, it's not really that nessecary when you think about it, half of the things that the Cell phone will have u can easily install.
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  18. -1 and +1

    Good idea, very creative, but too much work. Do you want Dragon Tombs to ever come out?
  19. this would require a mod to be installed for players, emc does not and will not ever require additional mods to play so no.
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