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What should I do?

Sell the Promos and Move to the Wild 10 vote(s) 34.5%
Move to the Wild but Keep Promos 18 vote(s) 62.1%
Stay in Town 1 vote(s) 3.4%
  1. Well, the title says most of it. I've been lacking motivation to play in town lately, and after playing Minecraft on my PS4 for the first time (add me theaustin-) I realized how much fun actual vanilla gameplay is, way out in the wild. So, here's the question....I have somewhere around a million rupees worth in promos....but not sure what to do with them.

    See the survey above.
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  2. Buy everything you need to make ALL the farms, and then make said farms.
  3. You don't need to sell your promos to be successful in the wild. The initial setup may take longer but once it's setup things get much easier.
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  4. I think it's better to keep the stuff and remain in town, and also think that you don't have to be successful in the frontier
  5. If you need to dump your promos somewere, I'abe got about 10 DC's of promos they can participate :)

    and, if you like to go to the wild, you can, sure, but TIP: go to the wild on a different server as your home server (were your residence is on) so that you can still build and do things there :)
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  6. Thanks to all for the advice and responses....I think I'll move to the wild on another server and keep all of my promos
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  7. Saying this right off the bat. Don't get rid of your promos. Now my home server for town is smp2. That's were I store everything I acquire. When I'm bored of town life I switch to another server where I maintain an established outpost deep in the wild. The only time he comes back to town is to get something from smp2.

    So what I'm saying is go get yourself an outpost and build it up. But always keep a place in town to do business at.
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  8. First I'd start by looking around the SMP's (so: all servers other than the one where your /home is) to see if you like the community there. I suppose it won't matter too much if your voucher runs out, but its always nice to have an option to chat with people you actually like.

    Then use the live map (see server overview) to check for a nice suitable location. My suggestion would be to bring plenty of materials with you and also try to put some good distance between the outpost and you. If you're merely looking for a good place to build and have fun then this should be enough. Just try to look out for other buildings in your area so that you don't build too close near others.

    However, if you plan to start your own village or 'Empire' then I'd definitely try to see if you can somehow claim that area by starting an officially established outpost, follow the link for more information on that.

    The reason to use another server than your home server, others already hinted at this, is that you can easily switch between 'town play' and 'wild play'. For example: on SMP4 and SMP9 I'm out in the Frontier, so the moment I switch to either of these servers I can continue playing my survival session. When I've had enough I switch back to my home server (SMP2) and I'm back in town.

    Now: obviously you can't transport items this way. So if you plan on building farms and such then you'll also need to build a good way to go back/from the outpost, maybe a nether rail can help there.

    But yeah, this is what I'd do. Don't switch between town and the wild, just add your survival play to your existing town play.

    Hope this can help!
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  9. I'm going to suggest the opposite of what Shel said: bring a very limited amount of materials with you.
    Some food, iron armour and tools and some boats should be enough.
    Everything you'll need is available in the wild!
    Like you noticed when playing console Minecraft, it can be really fun to start over for once. Work towards getting your first diamonds, get into the nether, have adventures without all the OP gear.
    Have fun! :)
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  10. This very thing is what inspired this idea, just the starting over aspect :D
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  11. Sorry for this, idek how to do the multiple quotes in a reply :D

    The community on smp5 is gr8, it can get quiet at times but I enjoy it.

    I think 7 would be my server since I am tens of thousands of blocks out already, and I still want to do MA and Firefloor when it comes around. If a mining event is on 7 I guess that's tough.

    I do have stuff in town on 5 that I want, so I wouldn't leave town there.
  12. Is it bad that I was looking for the "Give away all rupees and promos to FluffeMarshmallo" on the poll?
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  13. bring soft blocks netherack works and use nether (nether is love nether is life XD)