Dear Krysyy,

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  1. ...have fun finding my voucher :]

    There you see a vault page full of voter certificates and feast for a kings (along with, of course, a gold voucher)

    Thanks to the following people for letting me use their items to annoy Krysyy:
    Rhy - 21 feasts and a voter certificate
    Slvr - 6 feasts and two voter certificates
    Jadz- two voter certificates
    Bobby and wither both offered to lend me some of their feast for a kings, but I already had enough. I figured I'd list them here anyway :)

    Here's to another month of gold!
  2. Krysyy, this is what you get for making that infernal parkour. >:[
  3. i laughed so hard here!! and yeah, what comes around goes around i think? ^.^

    trololol! :D
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  4. i heard that someone has done this to krysyy and she just left it, because she doesn't want to waste her time with it
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  5. *Waiting for Krysyy to respond with something like "Dufne rly brah"*
  6. Dufne comes to the forums next day. "That's weird why am I banned?"
  7. Lol This Made My Day :p
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  8. Why ruin the fun :eek:

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  9. You stinker =P
    Hey krysyy, don't click that. :p
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  10. Not ruined, that's why it's in a spoiler lol
  11. Now what is this? Using your senior staff powers to disclose private information publicly on the forums? :eek:
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  12. Quick! Someone get the anti-duck hammer, we need that spoiler removed!
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  13. I can make that party even worse than Krysyy's parkour
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  14. Quick, its not 2 late to shuffle this Duf!!
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  15. Last time someone did this, it didn't result in much more than a 30 second addition to my work. I've had almost a month of enjoyment from watching people fail at the parkour. But nice try in your attempting to reach my level of evil. It's cute >=P
  16. So this is why someone who I won't mention went afk most of the time during building :D Haya! :p

    See, this is why they should hire me, I have the perfect answer for all this ;)

    Of course this should be posted after Kryssy accidentally "misplaced" your voucher somewhere in one of your own vault pages, chosen by random :D

    edit: ninja'd :)
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  17. /destroy Dufne Vault 1 lol

    Matheus found it already. ;) You should give your voucher for Rhy and Ghast's wedding gifts. :p
  18. My first vault holds personal items and books. Please no :p

    As aya suggested, I shuffled some things around :p
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