Deal or No Deal, Live! (Prerecorded)

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  1. Deal or No Deal, Live! (Prerecorded)

    After 7 months of waiting, I present to you the first live (at the time of filming) show of Deal or No Deal, Live! (Prerecorded). Due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances, this video is not coming out in the best finished state possible. So, please enjoy it for what it is: a pilot episode. If enough interest is gathered, I will go ahead and see about more episodes. The network tells us that production budget may be increased for episode 2.

    Without further ado, please enjoy SkeleTin007 take on the game with me, Unoski, as your awkward host. Feel free to cringe along with us.

    Episode 1: Pilot

    Episode 2: JDHallows

    Episode 3: CardInAction
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  2. I'd definitely be interested in being a player or banker. Hit me up if you'd like me to be in either of those positions!
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  3. This is so awesome!!
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  4. 1080p60; looks like it did. ;)
    These will be interesting to watch, if for nothing else to get acquainted to your voice!
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  5. Actually, SkeleTin007 hosted the upcoming vid!
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  6. For the finale of SkeleTin007's trilogy, CardInAction tries his hand at winning the million rupee prize. This was the first filmed and the last released for a reason. Bloopers are left in for some fun!

  7. Yeah, it is still a thing. Looking to host more games later on this month. All responses to the application have been deleted, so please fill out the new form if you are interested in participating.

    There is no cost to this and no mic is required, only preferred.
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  8. Oops, I haven't watched the other videos yet. :p
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  9. Fun Fact: The original iteration of Deal or No Deal's redstone caused the time between the contestant choosing a case and the value's reveal to be over 2 minutes long. The last filmed version of Deal or No Deal got it down to around 13 seconds long. The latest version of Deal or No Deal will knock it down further to around 7 seconds.

    The main issue of the time isn't displaying the numbers, but reading what value is in the chosen shulker box.
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  10. so i definitely played yet its not documented here D:
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  11. i need
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  12. Mojang should probably decrease the brightness of the redstone lamps in off state. As it is, the contrast between off and on is so low that these displays are hard to read.