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How many times have you died?

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One Time 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Twelve Time 3 vote(s) 8.3%
Fifteen Time 1 vote(s) 2.8%
Fifty Time 1 vote(s) 2.8%
A Hundered Time 6 vote(s) 16.7%
A Billion times A Trillion More! 25 vote(s) 69.4%
  1. This Thread is only for people who Die a lot.
    Please share your Saddest and Most Funny Deaths.
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  2. Sometimes I let Momentus kill me. I set a bed and just let him kill me over and over again.
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  3. I was at an iron farm, but like 10 golems glitched out, and because I had no stuff, apart from an iron sword, I got killed like at least 20 times, and always had to get back there, so it ended up taking me like 1.5 hours before I could relax again :/ it ruined my evening lol
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  4. I know once I killed myself, the screenshots are on my computer might upload in 10 days if I remeber
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  5. One time I was building a base and there was a delicious pool of lava on the surface. So we put glass on top so it would be safe. But one block was missing. And I fell in. and there was no way out. and I lost all the stuff I brought to the base.
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  6. I've died forgetting that your voters boots aren't on and I fell 20 blocks to my demise
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  7. 5 hearts + ghasts blocking one entrance + nether hounds blocking other entrance + pigman in the middle = sliced and roasted pineapple all around for dinner.
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  8. At FoxyRvenger's last FNM he set the difficulty to 8 and at one point I was alone and there was a horde of mobs chasing me. Needless to say I died. And at least 3 more times after that, if not more.
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  9. Ghasts. Bridge over lava. Lava. 2 hours of work mining quartz. ded
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  10. I've jumped 100+ blocks at a death event again pictures in 10 days :p
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  11. Somebody Painstakingly led a slime into an afk iron farm I was in and then switched smps.
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  12. Creeper explodes and I miraculously survive. Problem is, I jumped as it exploded, im at 2 hearts and a cliff is next to me. 30 block drop + me = ded
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  13. Throwing ender pearls around just for fun, when a endermite gets spawned and attacks me until i die.
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  14. Me and my friend have a town built in the frontier of smp4 and there was a deep fall he made behind a door to part of his mining area. Not knowing about it I opened the door, walked in, and fell to my death. Then I told him to put water down at the bottom before I forgot and died again.
  15. I fell in lava 1 block from nether spawn :/
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  16. The only really embarrassing deaths are these ones:

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  17. One time things got weird in town and death was turned on. I kept falling into holes and off of things and walking into fires.
  18. Not that I don't do that outside of town also.
  19. I have a gravestone of the best animatronic who ever lived. Lived October 11' to April 16'
  20. I was wandering in the nether ( which i never do cause i HATE the nether ) and my screen said NetherHounds call for assistance and I go up to one in lava and irl i said out loud come here doggy :p ( i knew it would attack me but i was trying to become friends with it lol XD ) And it comes out of the lava and chases me into a ghast who hits me and kills me XD
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