[DC of unstacked Beacon Auction] - Leaving EMC

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  1. Hello EMC,

    Today I have decided, during the month of April 2014 I will be leaving EMC. The reasoning for this will be the Army. Right now I am in Army Cadets, (Im 15) and at the age of 16 (April) I will be doing training after training, workout after workout, run after run, everyday of the week. I one day hope to get in the Special Forces / SAS. Hopefully become a Sniper in one of these. I won't get into to much detail.

    For the leaving of EMC I will be holding one Giant Auction, as the title says I won't a DC of Unstacked Beacons (54), I would also want 54DC of Iron Ingots to go with it. Meaning 1 Alt Harvesting Wither Skulls + 1 Alt AFKing at Iron Farm.
    Currently my Iron Farm is only 1 Cell, I would really appreciate it if someone would help me and Bro Make this farm into maybe a 27 cell Farm, if not that is okay though.

    I will also be taking any donations of Money, Armour, Swords Wither Skulls and any other items you think would help. Of course I have never been rich on EMC my entire life, so I certainly don't plan on keeping the money, in fact my current Auction is going all towards quartz so someone can finish the Mega Mall so I can see it before I leave EMC. I plan to give this money away maybe through a Pick a Number contest, or a contest of somesort. But you can assure there will be lots of prizes. I will be giving away a ton of ENchanted Gear, Promo Items, special Books saying Goodbye etc.

    If you any money or anything you want to donate to the "Prize" Please feel free to PM me on the Forums saying you have donates Such and Such money. I will have a post on the Forums with the amount of money I will be giving away, including the Beacon + Iron Auction.

    Thank you EMC again!

    HUGE thanks to Highlancer54 and Subarticclow (Tell me if I got name Wrong) For helping me harvest them withers and have always been there for me no matter what! And thanks to Highlancer and HiSack55 for always being enthusiastic in kiling the Wither Boss and asking for nothing in return, even for donating the potions to kill them :)
  2. Sad to see you go! :(
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  3. I still got 4 more Enjoyable Months :D
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  4. Dang.. Sucks that you're gonna leave and I hope that real life works out for you.

    In regard to "I have never been rich"; I don't mind paying you like a million for a few minutes so you can get screenshots :p
  5. I love that idea! Yeah man if you could that would be great just for some memories, cause im making a little albulm :D Just PM and we can arrange a time ;)
  6. Also selling my 7 Haunted Heads, hoping to get 100k for the 7 if anyone is interested, need it for Enchanted Books etc :)

    Edit; Sold to xHaro_der for 50k :D Thats good enough :D
  7. If you think its a good idea to post some updates on my life every month or so, just like this Comment, if we get 10 likes then I will do it :) If you have any other ideas I would love to know!
  8. Quitting from the game is fine with me, we all have more important things to do in life. But I for one would like it if you hung around the forums and popped in every once in a while. :)
  9. No. No. No! You are not allowed to quit EMC and have a life! It is not right.

    Gonna miss you m8 oh and dibs on your head...
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  10. I certainly will I think :D I don't think I can possibly leave this amazing community! Whos knows, in 20 years time you might see a "MrWhosMagic Joined the Game. -last seen: 20 years ago"
    If I do and anyone remembers me Ill be the happiest int he world :D
  11. Same.. You don't have to play the game but continuing to be active on the forums would be nice :)
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  12. Make sure yu pop in for a chance to win it xD Might have a head drop xD
  13. Now that I think about it - why give away all your things? You might continue to play the game in the future which wouldn't it be nice to have all your things?
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  14. Nah I don't mind, I can always start fresh :D been a long time since I did that :D It started on EMC actually that was the last time :p
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  15. Maybe just keep some of it? I doubt you like that grind for cash that every new player faces - maybe just keep a small amount to yourself (50-100k?)
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  16. i might keep maybe 10k :p Highlancer has offered to store some of my stuff :)

    On another note, if you want to earn 80k, and you know how to build a 27 cell or so Iron Farm, check out this Thread:
    Excuse the title though

    Thank you :D

    If you can sell me 2 looting III books as well, i would really appreciate It, I really need em now thanks :)
  17. Also will be selling Bones and Arrows 2.5k A DC if interested to make some Money to buy some stuff :)
  18. I'm really sorry for seeing you leaving soon :(. Maybe I could buy you a DC of bones?, after I have some money. Btw, I hav also one looting 3 book, you put the offer for it.
  19. Yeah just hit me up a PM and we can work out some Details :) May even lower them to 2k each :)
  20. I have got all the Looting 3 books I need :) Thanks tho! Might need one soon :)