[30k Job!] ---Iron Farm

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  1. As you may know I need more of an Iron Farm. I will pay 30k for you to build it. I can supply the Cobble For Building it and the Doors and the Buckets. I need it to be a 27 cell I think is the Max, if you don't feel 30k is enough, Ill go 50k. It's on Smp8 6k out from Spawn in my Outpost, but I have a nether tunnel which takes 1/4 of the time which I will show you, if you are interested post below, in game, or PM of the Forums
  2. 50k for 27 cells isn't very good, I think 50 for a 10-15 cell is more fair, but that's just me.
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  3. Oh okay :) I can maybe bump it up to 80 - 100K soon.