Custom Item Checklist V1.4

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Will this be to any use to you?

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  1. Update 1.3.12

    Added Liberty Bell
    Added Independence day firework 2020

    Item total is now 483
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  2. Update 1.4
    Fixed Several typo's and formatting errors
    Added 7 New Fiery Foods

    Added Images to nearly every item! (I would like to give a thank you to everyone who has put their items on display or let me get a screenshot of them etc! this wouldn't have been possible without them :) )
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  3. Update 1.4.1
    Added Aikars Scuba Hat
    Added 2020 PPP krysyy head
    Added 2020 Birthday Cookie
    Added 2020 Birthday Cake
    Added Explosive Arrow
    Added Weighted Arrow (1 second)
  4. Update 1.4.2
    Added Empire Bloggers Quill
  5. Update 1.4.3
    Added Labor Bench (no year)