Cross-Server Toggleable Global Chat

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Would you like a Toggleable Cross-Server chat channel?

Yes 22 vote(s) 84.6%
No 4 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but it's a good idea and seems to have a lot of supporters.

    I am proposing a Cross-Server Global Chat. This would be a chat channel that would be able to be used by anyone on any SMP. You would have to make it toggleable so that it would not clutter individual SMP chat channels, and the channel by default should be off but have a periodic announcement on how to turn it on.

    I believe that over the many years i've been on the empire there has always been a separation among the various SMP's. This option would bring the various SMP communities together into one insanity infused chat channel filled with hilarity and good conversation.

    As in all my threads post your considerations respectfully and keep it civil.
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  2. I completely support this idea, I feel as though it would bring all the smps together as well! +9000
  3. That would be really cool we could all chat as one big smp!
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  4. A great idea, I'd be pleased to see this get acknowledged and possibly implemented in the future +1
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  5. +1 would help in many ways, but what if people abuse it, should I cost money? 1k each time you advertise? Anyway like i said +1
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  6. It could have some sort of chat filter preventing advertisements like normal chat does with swearing.
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  7. I feel like there could be a global advertisements channel
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  8. I swear I've seen something like this before, but what if you're in the wild an you're a quartz supporter (aka non supporter)? Wouldn't that be cheating because it's a little like town chat? Still, +1 for me.
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  9. Would only be for town chat
  10. I have to say -1. Not because it's not a good idea, I just feel like seperate chats for each SMP is how it should be. Still a good idea. :)
  11. +1 Because it'd be easier to communicate, and to have a bigger community around you :)
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  12. I get where you're coming from. Let me throw it at you this way though. What if you are on your home SMP building or farming and whatnot, relatively quiet in chat and you feel like talking to other people. Would you rather keep building and just turn on a global chat, or visit other SMP's and just stand there talking?
  13. Instead of adding a gobal chat, what about a group global, to where people and a group can talk SMP to SMP.
  14. An idea like this has already been accepted and is pending addition. That was 2 years ago though. Dev team, y u so slow????
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  15. Therein lies another problem, you would have to be grouped to use it, which denotes a prior friendship of sorts, or at the very least an acquaintance.
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  16. Repetition is key :p
  17. Hm, I actually kind of like having to go to different smp's to talk to different people.
    I'm no average player though, as I usually only get onto EMC to talk to other players, while other people might also want to build or do other stuff.
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  18. I'm very in between about this one. It has been suggested several times before. I don't think it's a bad idea, but I do worry about the risk of the SMP's loosing their own specific personality and identity.

    But on the other hand, considering that town chat can often get quiet, I also think this could be very good to have. Also for new players..

    The #1 'complaint' which I hear from new players: "They said there's 100 players on this server and I only see 12, whats up with that?". A global chat channel could definitely convince them right away that there are more players online than they can see on first hand.

    However, I also think there should be some strict regulations as well. For example I'd be in favor of no advertising at all, @e chat is used for that. This also allows servers to keep their individual economies alive, which I think is important because it defines EMC IMO.

    So if all that could be met I'd definitely be in favor of this one.
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  19. This is totally off-topic, but wow! In all my years of using the forums, this has never happened to me before!
    When I hit "Post Reply", my post appeared, and your post also appeared immediately, under it!
    Does that mean we posted at nearly the exact same time? :eek:
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