Creature Capture (Sunday, May 22nd @ 10 pm EMC time)

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  1. Creature Capture
    Sunday, May 22nd
    10 pm EMC time

    Join Krysyy and the Senior Staff for a round of hilarity as each team fights to egg and bag the most mobs in the time allotted.
    Feel free to pre-prepare teams, but the teams will be evened out if the need arises.

    Arena located at /v creaturecapture on smp5

    See you all at 10!
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  2. *raises hand* Can I capture Chin? He's certainly not human, so I'm assuming he counts as a creature...
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  3. An event haven't had the chance to do yet!

    Yes! :D
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  4. Can we use voters pole?
  5. Anyone remember the sheep fishing game?
  6. Also any special prizes or is it for fun?
  7. Anyone want to be on my team? Warning I never played before.
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  8. Wish I could come but wont be able to make this one :(
  9. Glad to finally be able to make it to an event!
  10. This sounds really epic... Ready your wooden wands everyone!
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  11. I can never do any of the fun events being ~60+km out on smp5.. xD
    lol 2 minutes before it starts
  13. Aww, missed it....

    Edit: how come the visit command didnt work when i tried it a while ago?
  14. this was a fun event, thanks :)
  15. That was fun! :) The last Creature Capture event was hosted by IcecreamCow if anyone was wondering. :rolleyes:
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  16. Except it wasn't. We've hosted it many times since then, and redesigned it with the build team too. Working on a good formula to make it a more frequent event with some debugging we need to take care of.
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  17. Sounded like the event went well. Last capture, it took forever to sort out the teams. I hope it was fun for everyone. :)