Could I get a favor?

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  1. Does she want donations? Your so kind!!!
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  2. Wow Britbrit, that's some top notch wool making. Stuff like that you don't see everyday. Doing something like that needs appreciation, HIGH appreciation. I really feel bad that everyone wants your sister and not you, they just might not know how great of a person you are. If i ever want a wool sculpture, will you make one for me? And if you ever want someone to talk too, please ask anyone of us who replied to this conversation. We are all willing to show some appreciation to you. We are the true heart to EMC.
  3. very kind of u shone. also if u ever need any1 to talk too come to smp5 we are a kind community. :p
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  4. you're a good sibling, i'll save you for last. MWAHAHAHAHA
  5. shon not shone lol
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  6. She should post more, you really only know people on EMC once you post a lot on the EMC forums.
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  7. Scratch that, EPIC! I feel really bad for her D:
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  8. Now I feel bad for sending an order...
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  9. your a good sister (or brother xD), What server is she on?
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  10. Very sad. That story made me tear up. No, seriously.
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  11. Haha, I'll let her know. Yes she did the Zelda stuff only I copied her design by eyeballing it for the bottle of LonLon Milk to make the Red and Green potions. She doesn't use a program to figure out what she needs, she puts the image in paint/photoshop and then draws a grid to see how it will look and then counts up what she needs and follows the picture.

    I thought you'd like that sheep, given that massive auction you had.

    Lol it's ok. She's just surprised by the number of people who want something. She's one of those people who are really good at it but think they suck.

    I'm her older sister :p We're on SMP7. 14162 and 14163.

    She's tried. She felt sort of the same there as well. Maybe she'll get back into the flow.
  12. Awww :C I can donate some Discs. I'll PM her. Wait I already did lol. :D
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  13. She should have a reputation, like making the best pixel art I have every seen. :p
    She should make a thread to have orders.
    She should answer some comments on this thread :p
  14. Also, if you need wool quick, start a convo with this guy here
  15. Thats great!
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  16. Oh God yessssss, a Zelda lover artist, bless this girl!! I have a big Majora's Mask roof project going on, I'll post it here for her when I finish it :p

    I'd like this message to get to her somehow, even tho it's not really relevant, but I feel ignored too in the chat, I believe most of us do when there's no one of our friends online because most people seem to be so very focused in themselves that they don't pay attention to anyone or anything that is not their bussiness.

    I don't mind being ignored by that kind of people, but I understand that it gets a bit on your feelings, especially when, if you are like me, you always try to talk to everyone so that they don't feel ignored, and you are never thanked for it.
  17. If anyone is rude on SMP4 I will break spam tell them off :)
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  18. Hey we are trying to invite people here, not chase them away ;)
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  19. It sounds like you all need to move to SMP2, we're nothing but nice over there. We also run constant games that incorporate everyone online :)
  20. I feel sad now too. No one helps SMP3. I was making a giant game park for player vs player non PvP games...
    Back on topic: I would like a friend to talk to on SMP3...