Could I get a favor?

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  1. I know EMC isn't a Psychiatrist or whatever else you guys want to throw at me and I'm not trying to start any pity parties and please bear with me, I've only had 3 hours of sleep.

    As most everyone knows britbrit3197 is my sister. She's younger by 4 years. I have always done my best to be there for her and include her in things, anytime someone bullied her I was ready to just go beat them up for her. I have always done my best to include her in everything. When I found EMC I had her sign up the same day. I've helped her build things, join wild outposts, introduced her to people I have became friends with. When she had to work all the time and couldn't get on I would log her in to keep her res right there next to mine.

    Back around Christmas time, vividOptimism posted a massive auction for 16 double chests of wool. I was so upset that I couldn't get it for her that I spent the whole next day cramming nearly 100 sheep into my pen, digging out dirt and whatnot to expand it, going through tons of dyes trying to make sure I got every color and then ran around the whole day shearing sheep to get a double chest of every color, I even helped Sonic get her a double chest of every color. She has built some awesome wool art on my res and instead of /res reset anytime I want to start over new or a house doesn't feel right, I take forever to tear it all down just so I can keep the art there. We go mining and exploring and getting lost or dying together.

    But she still feels left out and like people ignore her/don't appreciate her. She built wool art for this kid who spammed for weeks that he wanted something built and he said that he didn't like it afterwards, he didn't pay her or thank her for her time, she tries to interact with people in chat and is ignored, I've noticed very few people who really talk to her and if she ever logs on when I'm not, she gets people asking "Where's Pandas?" "When is Pandas getting on?" "Do you know where Pandas is?"

    Yes this is just a game but peoples' feelings do get hurt and people do care about one another. I'd really really appreciate it if you guys could post here, on her page, send her a private message, start a conversation, something to show her that she isn't ignored, is appreciated, the way EMC should make you feel.

    TL;DR - Please post nice things to make my sister feel better.
  2. Wow, sorry to hear that. :(
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  3. This brought a tear to my face Q-Q You're a good sibling.
  4. This post did get to me in various ways.
    As someone who has sometimes felt ignored or not "one of the gang" I know exactly how bad it can make someone feel.
    Also, I do have an extra res just sitting empty on smp9 so I might consider moving to smp4 for a while, I went there to buy some gold once and people seemed nice :)
  5. Tell her to come hang out on smp2. We are quite the talkative and friendly server. :)
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  6. Ninja. I think we a bit more than talkative :)
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  7. Tell her to come to Smp4 some time while im on, I dont allow people to be rude. And am a very friendly person as well and enjoy talking to people.
  8. Yeah smp2 is probably the most friendliest server in my mine. We would be glad to see her on once and a while.
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  9. Is there a specific color of wool she likes?
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  10. Sorry to here that :(

    And yah, everyone's included in the conversation on smp2 :D
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  12. Will you post a screenshot of some wool art? I may be a little inclined to buy some :)
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  13. I feel bad now. I asked her why you weren't on.
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  14. Not sure, I know her favorite color of anything is Purple. I'm sure if Endermen was a color she'd say that.

    These are on both Reses.

    It wasn't meant that one person asked her, she's been asked by lots of people :/
  15. Those are pretty awesome! How much would she charge per? Or is it like a complexity thing?
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  16. I just set up a full doublechest, and a 1/3 filled single chest of purple wool on res 11195, smp5. It has her name on it:) It was all i could find on smp5, and leo's shop:p
  17. Well, both my accounts are deep in the wild/nether so I cant do much. But I'll keep this in mind!
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  18. Friendly? The last time I went there I was Slapped By Zoe, Got my arm bitten off, Someone hit my head with a axe, I got kidnapped and got forcefed my organs.

    I'd like to know your definition of "friendly"

  19. Me sad now. I hope people appreciate her better now
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  20. if she is up for it, i would love to have a giant tink on my 2nd res, and i will pay for it tell her to pm me, and we are also very friendly on smp4
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