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  1. Not exactly new to EMC...couple months short of my cake day.
    Needing to test out image uploads so I can post some of my creations
    So...bypass the rest of this thread, cause it's likely gonna be ugly :confused:
  2. Well, that was much easier than expected. Kudos to the forum dev team - lots of other places make this complicated for some reason
    Thanks, that is all. :cool:
  3. Note: posting an image should be done using an image uploading site like Imgur or such, it's not a feature which the Empire forum supports anymore. It seems you by-passed this and you should be careful with that because using / exploiting features which are not meant to be used could result in penalties. (Edit): Ignore the last part, this does not apply here.

    If you want to use an image on the Empire it's usually best to follow these steps.
  4. lol, he used Imageshack, another image uploading site. ;)

    But yeah, putting an image on here is indeed really easy; first upload the image (through e.g. imageshack, or imgur), and then put the link to the bare image (so a page which ONLY shows the image) inside {IMG} {/IMG} tags (but with [ and ] instead of { and }), or click the little tree, and paste the link there. :) If you're not sure whether it worked, you can always test by pressing the more options button (under your post), and seeing what shows up when you click on preview. :)
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  5. Hey! Glad to see you've finally made an intro thread. :D
  6. Sorry for another post, don't want to unnecessarily bump but I need to correct my previous post above, and I want to make sure that the people who followed this thread also notice my mistake:

    This doesn't apply here and my comment is best ignored. Note: the part about using (minor) exploits is definitely true: those should be reported and not used, but that is not happening here (not my discovery, I've been told that the above is pretty much intended behavior).

    So, hope I didn't create any confusion over this (think not), but if so then here's the real story :)