[Contest] Why I love EMC

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  1. Hey EMC!

    I'm making this thread to express my love for EMC! To enter simply write below why you love The Empire for your chance to win a $10 000 rupee voucher at 8557! Even if you don't win and you enter in the contest you recieve $1000 rupees from bloodra1n! You can use the voucher however you want, discounts, reselling, whatever you want! All entries will be judged by myself and the winner will be announced within the next few days.

    Why I love The Empire

    The Empire is unique. The community is amazing! Everyone is so helpful and willing to lend a hand at the drop of a hat. The chat! Everytime I go on another server and experiment a little I get this (Excuse my french) crap.
    The staff are incredible! This thread is a perfect example of the staff here, community feedback is absolutely key in a successful server and EMC has recognised that and acted upon it. The events EMC hosts are incredible, Mob Arena, The Empire Games, Firefloor and so many more! But let's no forget the economy, the economy is my favourite part about the empire, the malls, buy and sell signs are incredible and the amount of servers that haven't got that glitch free is crazy! There are so many things I could ramble on forever but I want to hear what you guys have to say!

    Let's hear it EMC!
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  2. I love the community and the building/shopping aspect the most :)
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  3. I love EMC because unlike most other servers, it has a very friendly atmosphere whereas in a lot of other servers you could be pvp'ing some random player.
    I first came to EMC on New Years Eve 2013, I was looking for an economy server which didn't involve earning money by playing automated mini games or killing other players. I found the community very kind, my first greeting on the server was by a player who was handing out diamonds on smp4, my home server, unfortunately I don't know who this mysterious character was, I thank them if they remember me, I probably wouldn't still be on EMC still if it wasn't for him! :)
  4. Main reason I've made friends on this server
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  5. I like the way how EMC runs with the economy, staff, events, 60 by 60 anti grief plots. The wastelands to save the wild, PVP arenas and the community.
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  6. I think the community really is the best part of empire minecraft :) We also have an amazing set of staff, and everything is well-organised with the worlds et cetera. Empire minecraft is just like perfect, except that when I'm able to play most of the people are asleep :(
  7. I love how awesome our staff are.

    Dwight5273: or IceCreamHorse
    IceCreamHorse: Yes?
    Dwight5273: can you throw me my hammer
    IceCreamHorse: its too heavy. Only ones who are worthy can pick it up
    Dwight5273: or drag it either way
    IceCreamHorse: The hammer is similar to Thor's :p
    Dwight5273: *opens hand waiting for ICH to drag or throw the hammer to me
    IceCreamHorse: What res?
    Dwight5273 (in PM): just throw it lol
    IceCreamHorse: *throws hammer*
    IceCreamHorse: Happy?
    Dwight5237: and...
    Dwight5237: *catches
    ferret_friend Disconnected
    ferret_friend was banned by Dwight5237 reason:
    Stealing/Griefing in the wild
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  8. I love sheep
    I also enjoy the competitive economy aspect; plenty of clean competition where nobody has to die :)
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  9. Well if no winner has been chosen may I enter?
    The Empire is a fun way to play in a economy where nobody HAS to fight and I like the aspect of saving my rupees.
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  10. I like emc because of a lot of things. The free, protected 60x60 reses are great for building whatever you like, the pretty wilderness where you could live and it's not greifed, the wastelands where you collect materials, all the friendly staff and players, the shops and economy, how you don't get have to pvp, only if you want to, I just love emc!
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  11. I love this contest. Therefor, everyone who participates in it by sharing your love for EMC, get 1,000r from me.

    You read that correct. One-thousand emperian rupees. Share your love for EMC! <3

    20 people have been rewarded so far:

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  12. GO Empire Minecraft!!.I love is cause I don't do PVP and loose all my stuff YAY. I hate loosing my stuff!

    Another reson to love Empire Minecraft is, you get a 60x60 plot AWSOME, sersouly other servers plots cost ALOT, but here there FREE.

    Also its donaters and staff and well anyone is freindly, they help me out in a jam! So I suggest 100% to vote if not donate for the server.
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  13. An EDIT button does exist. Please do not triple post.

    I love the Empire because it is unique and stuff.
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  14. Hey to all!! What a wounderful Server ECM has been thus far . i love the ppl . Only been here for little wail but in all this time i have made great friends . This server has been a great joy to me its perfect for my creative needs an allows for unique Expression of my character. I hope all who come find there place among us an enjoy this server just as much as i do Thanks for everything.
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  15. I love the empire because of how mature and helpful the community is. All staff are good and fair. I also love the empire because of its uniqueness, especially with the Plugins made by our dev team. <3
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  16. Wow, a lot of great replies, I will be deciding the winner in about 10 hours so get your entires in fast!
  17. I love EMC because the developers help give all members a very unique experience. The staff keep the community running with all their efforts to keep chat appropriate, help prevent griefings, and ensure that our time on EMC is very well spent. I'm sure everyone can see that the developers are trying as hard as they can to make the custom experience of Empire Minecraft the best it can be, and they doing quite well in my opinion. That is why I love EMC :)
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  18. I love that all the players are nice and help each other
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  19. This server has the best staff and community i have ever seen on any server. The events are unbelievably good, i love the custom mobs and its super easy to understand the rules of the server. i really enjoy the way that you have money and shops etcetera etcetera. I find it unique and different to all the economy servers ive been on. the staff are very committed, like bloodrain and rainbow on the mob arena nights etc. i love the way the creators have created it to what it is today. The 60 by 60 residences are great, the promo items are too. To be honest, if i owned the server, i wouldn't change a thing :) (apart from give my self a ton of rupees of course! :p jk)
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