[CONTEST] Mini Game Building Contest!

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  1. Calling all builders, redstone lovers, and mini game fanatics! We challenge you to create a fun mini game that the community is sure to love. ;)

    Deadline: July 8th, 2023 at 11:59 PM (EMC time)

    Objective: Build a mini game for other players to play! Think of the stuff that is available on /games or /fun on /smp3, such as spleef, parkour, mazes, mini golf, or boat racing!

    • You may work in teams of up to three players. If a team wins, all members of the team will receive the prize for their category.
    • Mini games must be within a 60 x 60 block area.
    • Instructions on how to play the mini game must be included in a visible area of the build.
    • The mini games must be built somewhere on EMC. Locations of the mini games will be publicly released, so make sure it's in a place you are okay with other people visiting!
    • You may only submit one mini game.
    • 1st Place: 250,000 rupees and an additional prize -- name to be determined.
    • 2nd Place: 100,000 rupees
    • 3rd Place: 50,000 rupees
    • A prize will be sent out to ALL participants who qualify (actually give effort). That item is still in the decision phase.
    • The entries will be judged by the staff team, and a community vote will also be held via the forums.
    • The winners will be determined by a combination of the community vote and staff input.
    Submit your mini game here: https://forms.gle/erQ8RhfCPchry9db8
  2. Did you by chance mix up 2nd place and 3rd place prizes?
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  3. Whoops, added an extra 0. Thanks for pointing that out!
  4. 4th place team gets an extra o for their effort :p
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  5. qestion i have a fun idea basicly a town and pipel run from ravengers and the person that survives the longest wins
    but this requeres ravengers and some sord of temporary speed boost the 2 problems are i tink this will be a real intensife and cool game to play runing from death is always fun but the problem is you can only get ravengers in the waste i tink since no raids in the wild and i dont want it to be destoyed
    maybe an objectieve to make pipel move
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  6. i have the most faded-est idea for my mini game - oh yes
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  7. Who decides the winner? I believe the winning ranks are upside down.
  8. Some mini games that are entered might require multiple people to play, and might require a host to run them. This could impact judging if players visit the game while there is no host or other players to play with. Would it be too big of a hassle to organize an "EMC party" sometime around July 8th? A staff hosted event where players follow you (or another SS or Mod) to all the submitted games and we all play them together?

    I understand it might be an all day event depending on how many entries there are, and would be hard to plan time for since its only 2 weeks out. I just think it would be a fun idea and might result in more participants and votes from Empire players.
  9. :+1:
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  10. oof this is so technical building a ramodimed note block clicker with time and it gos faster and faster and the sinplest way to do this is to add 20 timers with counter to turn them on and off
  11. Just a reminder that this contest ends on Saturday! I can't wait to see the cool things you all make. :D
  12. oof my redstone takes a whille
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  13. oop i havent started :eek:
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  14. he
    hello um i have build a great game but i spent like 15 hours on it and progryck like 5 to 7 but the problem is i msg you alrady more moople but tnx yo my itl work and stuf i cant build it on emc in time i probely will be able to finish it in creative waht shut i do
  15. Hey all! Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to submit your mini game! Can't wait to see the submissions. :D
  16. I failed to be able to realize my game into EMc, I should have just offered to let someone take it and build it.
    To be honest, it needed creative mode for the mountain. Maybe someone will want to build it someday or maybe I might find the time.

    Good luck to all those who worked on these. Even if you don't win the contest, there is always a benefit to making something that someone enjoys. Every little bit helps!! Thanks for your efforts! And I will try to get around to look at them.

    how about the prizes for comepleting/entering a game design for this (annual?) contest is a :
    Golf Club (netherite axe) named Designing like a Pro
  17. Can we get a list of entries so we can play the games?
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