[Contest] Minecraft/Microsoft graphic with a special prize

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  1. Hey Empire,

    word is out: We are now part of one of the biggest software companies in history. Nobody knows what is going to happen, even Microsoft doesn't know. But the Minecraft community is strong and has to say a word about it!

    Let's send out a signal to our new overlords!

    Here is Kaizimir's T-Shirt contest:
    Create a graphic/design that involves Minecraft and Microsoft and post it in this thread below.
    Please don't make it bigger than A4!

    The design that receives the most 'likes' until the deadline is over is the winner.
    So, it really is a community award. Start liking people!

    The picture that has the most likes in this thread I will print on a T-Shirt,
    post a screenshot of it here and I will wear it at least one week!
    Also, I hope that many others will follow this idea, print the design on a shirt and wear it :)
    Hope to see tons of screenshots of it here.

    Extended prize pool
    10000k - cadgamer101


    I have tons of ideas for something like this:
    -A bunch of mobs that conjure the Windows symbol
    -A lonely Steve building a Windows-PC with Minecraft blocks
    -Player fighting a mob with the windows help symbol, the paper clip!
    -The paper clip not understanding a redstone circuit
    -Edit a Minecraft book in Microsoft Word (the only good thing I could come up with, luckily this contest is about likes and not my opinion)
    haha, and many more. But I am terrible at making these...So go ahead and give me your designs!

  2. Could I also design/build a giant Creeper/zombie that bears the logo?
  3. Of course :) You can do what ever, as long as it has to do with Microsoft and Minecraft and can be put in a pdf. Looking forward to your submission.
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  4. Ok.
  5. Here is my submission...

  6. lol, very good :D
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  7. bump
    so, no more escape, i will print this t-shirt as we have one entry and one like.
    BUT, I'd like to see more entries and votes :) So, get out your photoshops, gimps, illustrators or paints. Waiting for lots of stuff :D
  8. I'll enter if I have the time :p
    Sounds very interesting
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  9. yayaya, more of this. But the entries must be self made because it is more fun and to avoid any copy right problem. Don't want to get busted for wearing it, haha
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  11. cool, thanks everybody for considering :) plenty of time to come up with something amazing. It can also be EMC related, so it is a message from the Empire to Microsoft then
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  12. My entry was for fun, not to win,
    So, I offer 10,000 r to the winner of this contest, to help encourage some more entries that will be better for t-shirts.
    Feel Free to update the original post with the 10,000 r reward, if you want.
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  13. Ha, thank you cadgamer and opening post updated. The prize pool is opened :)
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  14. Here is a famous example of the everlasting competition between Linux and Microsoft:
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  15. Bump to help someone enter and win 10,000 r
  16. I more then likely will be entering this if I can get a decent idea, I have a few but they're either past my skill level or too complicated for a 3DS xD
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  17. Counting on you ;)
    Sketches or drawings are also fine, just send what comes to mind
  18. As a person who's used Windows computers my whole life, that annoys me, even if it's a joke.
  19. Even I could come up with something positive that Microsoft could do for Minecraft...let's see...hmmhmm...aha...he...no...hmmhmm...
    Hey that's your job! Draw something about how Microsoft saves Minecraft!
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