[CONTEST] Microsoft Paint Creations

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Will you enter?

Yes 11 vote(s) 28.2%
No 12 vote(s) 30.8%
Maybe... 16 vote(s) 41.0%
  1. While playing around with the ever-wonderful "Microsoft Paint," I thought it would be fun to have a little competition. In this competition, you get a chance to show off your creative skills using the "many" features in MS Paint...

    -No Photos- I want to see what YOU can do! Make the drawings from scratch, no photo "editing" please. Use only the brushes, shapes, colors, etc.

    -EMC Appropriate- If you are unsure of whether or not your entry is appropriate, it would be best to not post it. Remember, EMC is a family -friendly server, so keep it clean :)

    -Have Fun!- I don't think I need to explain this one ;)

    If the above rules are not followed, your entry will be excluded from the contest.

    Since there are a million awesome things you could make with paint, I figured it would be best to narrow it down to a smaller category to make judging easier.
    The theme for this contest is: The Zoo!
    (Your animals can be made up, or animals that actually exist:p)

    You can play around and make your creation funny, or do an intricate picture of the zoo!

    -Creativity- Be creative! Think outside the box, and make your creation unique!

    -Detail- If it only takes you 5 minutes to finish your "creation" there probably isn't a lot of detail, unless you have MAD paint skills!

    Wednesday March 22, 2015 at approximately 5:00 PM EMC Time

    First, save your photo from Paint. Then, you must upload your photo imgur. When the photo is uploaded, right click it and click "Copy Image URL." Upon replying to this thread, click the "Insert/Edit Image" tool along the toolbar. Paste the URL. Submit your entry, and you are ready to go!

    1st Place-25k
    2nd Place-18k
    3rd Place-12k

    If you would like to donate to the prizes, PM me on forums.

    AgB4ck has made a generous donation of 10,000 rupees, Thanks AgB4ck!
    This has been split among the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize.

    You have 8 days to enter! I will post a voting poll for the winner once we have reached the deadline.

    I can't wait to see these :D

    Vote for which paintings/creations you like the best!
    I am happy to announce that 10 people entered, and I hope to hold another contest similar to this one. Hope you guys enjoyed the contest!

    Announcing the results of the poll in 24 hours, and rewarding the winners with their prize!
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  3. Would be fun if i could use it without making squigglies.
    Ill sit this out unless squiggly lines is what you really want to see.
  4. My comic is coming out dark...

    ...I like it.
  5. There is a straight line tool :p
  6. This sounds very interesting. :)
  7. Very cool idea. I like it.
  8. Quite interesting indeed. :)
  9. Squiggles will still manage to appear, trust me.
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  10. Bump! 7 days left!
  11. Bump! Nobody has entered yet, if you are the only one who enters you have a 100% chance at winning :eek:
  12. Awesome first entry!

  13. yea.. It's bad, Ik. But I did it in like 20 minutes ;p
  14. I actually think its kinda cool :p
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  15. 3 entries so far! Keep 'em coming!
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  16. Here :) This is from a while ago while I still ms painted a lot, along with pixel designs in minecraft :rolleyes: Sorry its so small lol.... also, are we allowed to have two entries??
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  17. Sure, you can have two entries. You will only be able to win a prize for one though, so basically only one counts.