[CONTEST] Identify this bird for 20k! - NOW OVER

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  1. That bird up there is really annoying AverageWalrus and me, because although he or she looks super cool and pretty, we are failing to identify it.

    First to post its species (including whether it is a male or female and whether it is a juvenile if one of those aspects is responsible for its looks) on this thread gets 10k from myself plus an additional 10k from Krysyy, making 20k total.

    NOTE: As I do not know the species myself, the winner will be confirmed via extensive Googling, collective community confirmation (both by myself and also by the others on this thread who are being tortured by this) that yes, the winner's duck does match that pictured enough to say with fair conclusiveness it is the same species.

    Have fun.


    NEW NOTE: This bird was seen on a path in the San Diego zoo or safari park area (I don't remember every photo I've ever taken, sadly), so it is either native to the region or was in an free-range sort of enclosure and therefore could be from anywhere in the world and is just on display (just because it loves to torture you)

    Thanks to Krysyy for throwing an additional 10k into the pot, making it 20k total for one skillful duck detective!


    The bird was correctly identified by AverageWalrus as a male South African Shelduck, also known as the Cape Shelduck. An additional, smaller prize was given to lil_Spartan_cats for correctly identifying the species first (though not officially winning because the duck's sex wasn't identified), so serious props to lil_Spartan_cats as well. :)
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  2. Duck! and its male

    EDIT: I think.. I did it wrong
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  3. Its actually a squirrel. He just wanted to clone as a bird to fool you while he gathers nuts. He sure got you!
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  4. is a juvenile luckygreenbird, is male, and soon enough it will become green, just wait!
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  5. I'll need something more specific than duck, sorry. Full species name is needed. ;)

    Shhhh... keep spoiling things like that and I'll actually have to pay the 10k! >:o

  6. Male Cinnamon Teal

    (except head is wrong so could be a juvenile or just a dirty head)
    edit- eyes are wrong too but I am certain it's a male duck.
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  7. it's not a bird...
    it's an optical illusion
    just need to stare at it more to see what it really is....
    right now it seems like a pile of rocks but nah. it might just be a duck
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  8. Is that a picture of ItsMeMatheus?
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  9. Can I get a rough location for the duck? Some species are differentiated by region.
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  10. Is this a bug report? Looks like a Chickeneer...

  11. I definitely see the similarities there in terms of shape, coloration, etc., so I'll do my best to confirm that conclusively and will pay following that. :)

    California, San Diego region.
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  12. Maybe is a female eurasian wigeon
  13. it a birdie

    birdie refooses to disclose teh birdie gender
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  14. Ugh, now I know the struggle you and Walrus face.
    I'll add 10k on to the prize for whoever finds this. I've looked at far too many duck pics...
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  15. I have enlisted the help of a Duck Professional. I'll pass along anything he sends my way.
  16. Welcome to the struggle of birding, Krysyy :p
  17. Looks familiar :/ hmm maybe a
    Fulvous whistling duck
  18. It might be an American Black Duck. btw i think he might be trying to dab
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  19. Hmm, I cant find anything of this duck from California, my guess is maybe its a Vagrant from the Caribbean, Mexico, Or Elsewhere in Central/South America?
  20. it might be a gadwall also