[Contest] Build a Haunted House!

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  1. I cannot believe that it is October already. Time flies!
    Here are the guidelines for this month's contest:

    Type of Contest: Build
    Theme: Haunted House
    Deadline: October 31st, 2014 (11:59 pm EMC time)
    Size Limits: 60 x 60 (world limit heights)
    -If you cannot fill this space, do not worry. This is a maximum. Use of the space is more important than the amount of space. I REPEAT: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE UP THE FULL 60 x 60!



    Grading criteria:

    -Use of Space
    -Application of Theme
    -Use of Blocks in the Build

    -Abide by EMC Rules
    -You may build in single player if you want. Send the world save file in the submission form. Please make it a creative world to help the judging process.
    -1.8 blocks ARE allowed

    Up for grabs is the next edition of the Empire Builder's Wand:

    1st place: Empire Builder's Wand + 1/2 of donations
    2nd place: 1/3 of donations
    3rd place: 1/6 of donations

    Maxarias - 200,000r
    spartan0405 - 100,000r
    xxvexenxx - 100,000r
    SILVERMAN2 - 30,000r
    slash14459 - 15,000r
    weeh666 - 10,000r
    anonymous - 10,000r
    Devartete - 7,500r
    TechFilmer - 5,000r
    Lukas3226 - 3,226r
    colepuncher - 2,700r
    Gearmaster09 - 2,010r
    Dj__Krazy - 666r

    Vault Voucher
    64 Dimaonds
    64 Emeralds
    2014 Birthday Cake
    Cupid's Bow
  2. Uhh so I already ate my first candy santa, but this is the first Halloween Event that crosses my way. Well lets do this! :D

    Also... first ^^

    Uh and to which point does interior count? Or does only the outside count? I think in something like a haunted house interior + maybe some redstone fun would be veryimportant maybe it should get its own point.
  3. Aw, yis. This is right up my alley. At least, it would be if I were good at building, but whatever. :p I'll try anyway. Thanks for the awesome contest, krysyyjane! :D

    EDIT: Are 1.8 blocks allowed, or not?
  4. This is awesome Can't Wait!
  5. 1.8 blocks aren't on the server as of yet so no
  6. Hopefully I win something this contest :p
  7. Yes, but you build it in a singleplayer world and 1.8 is technically out, so I wasn't sure if the decision on this had been changed for this contest. :)
  8. Nice good luck to all the builders!
  9. I'll have a go :D
    I've got some good ideas for it :)
  10. Yes. 1.8 blocks are allowed.
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  11. Inside and outside count. Things like that which you mentioned would fall under creativity/originality.
  12. I've never been a good builder, so I'll just donate. Good luck to the rest of you!
  13. Will you be judging using 1.8 clients? If so, are command blocks allowed?
  14. 1.8 blocks and command blocks ARE allowed.
  15. Oh god....... I got a problem..... I don't know how to do a "download link" . I might do it on a res? can i?
  16. Yes you can.
  17. Yes, in this case, message the res number.
  18. You can use dropbox...